It’s okay

25 Mar

Today was hard.  I spent most of the day being a sad sack.  And that’s okay. I was by myself most of the day so I didn’t have to pretend that I was fine.  I could just be sad.

I dropped off some hospital masks and decided to stop at the Mothers Healing Garden to walk the labyrinth before returning home.

FCF1C926-2DA2-4021-A85A-F23AF4D3EC15So I walked and I talked and I thought.  It is such a wonderfully spiritual place.  Even without the green plants and splotches of color from the flowers that were so brilliant last season.  It still feels so alive; like it has a pulse even.  It might be even more so BECAUSE of what it is missing.

It’s all going to be okay.  But in the mean time, it’s okay to have hard days too.

And it’s okay to wrap up those kind of days by being kind to yourself.  A hot bubble bath and an early to bed plan seems quite kind.  Peace out.7BE8FD43-1BDB-4F8A-BA78-5D914B3734B1

***Edited to note: could not get this posted last night.  And that was okay too.

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