28 Mar

So the church bake sale itself was a success.  But my little cookie holders, not so much.


I made 20 little holders using washi tape, burlap strips and buttons.


And I ended up buying 12 of them back before we dropped prices to 50%  for the last 10 minutes.

Cookies Cookies

oh well Scott now has some fresh cookies and I have 12 decorated holders for some future event.

Oh well not a total loss.  Unbeknownst to me at the time, I guess I had a couple people trying to determine my age and so far I must be keeping the wrinkles at bay as the guess was a few years less than my actual age.  Thank goodness they weren’t trying to guess my weight.  Course maybe plumping up my wrinkles is what shaved those years off the guess.  Dang it.  Waddling off to the treadmill now.

Let’s get all lovey dovey for a minute

12 Feb

Soon it’s valentines day so in addition to being in birthday mode, we (mostly Carin) took a slight detour….

the valentines.  Ian and Kaiden are having a party at school today so we made these valentines for them to exchange with their classmates:

Valentines Super each to make.  Get some twinkies but don’t eat them ( okay it’s not THAT easy).  Print out the little minion characters and tag (“you’re one in a minion”).  cut it out and tape around the Twinkie if you managed not to eat it.  glue on some googly eyes,  use bakers twine to string the tag and staple it to the wrapper.  Walaa!  Repeat 40 times.

ian class was encouraged to make a valentine box at home and bring it to school to collect their valentines in.  Ian chose “hard hat Emmet”.  Again pretty easy.  We already had hard hats in the costume shop.  Carin slapped on a coat of red paint and put his name on the side.  We used a shoestring potato can for the head.  This was painted with both spray paint and acrylics.  Ian did a great job on his hair don’t you think?

Emmet ..Ian/emmet

And to show appreciation for each of the teachers and room helpers, Carin filled a jar with dove chocolates and put a cute little printable on the lid, string some fun yarn around the rim and tag each jar.

Valentine Valentine

January finishes

11 Feb

Total of 5 finishes for January.  Heirloom was offering double points for small quilts.  These first 4 will either be wall hangings or table squares.

Jan finish1 Up close 1 Back 1

The square in the middle of the block is probably 1″ finished.

Jan finish 2 Up close 2 Backing 2

Little blue baskets, badly pieced but not real obvious once given a hot bath and dry!

Jan finis 3 Up close 3 Backing 3

Teeny 9 patch!  The squares within the 9 patch are 1/2 ” finished!

Jan finish 4 Backing 4

Colorful little hour glass.  Apparently the photog decided against an up close pic!

i think (don’t quote me) these were Jo Morton patterns from her little women club.  Love the texture created by the quilting, wash, dry process!  I quilted all 4 of these with 1 backing.  Quilted was freehand as is obvious when looking at my wiggly lines!  I hand bound these.

Jan finish 5 This one is a nice lap sized quilt that we gave as a wedding gift.  2″ finished batik squares.  Quilted in a teal thread with a nice all over design.  This quilt was hand bound.

and that wraps January. So I started with 96 – 5 January finishes leaves me at 91!


More ufos

4 Feb

Ufo X 3. Ian Kaiden and Liam’s bed quilts.  Needs borders, wheels, quilting and binding

Ufo Ufo  So that is 5 more for my quilt tops.  These next items qualify for the Heirloom Creation challenge but do not add to my unquilted top total. ie: I’m still under 100!  Dang I missed one.  No photo but it’s a mini Jo Morton hour glass. So 6.  Still under 100 and still a non hoarder!

Ufo X 2.  These are quilted and ready for hand binding

Ufo Purse just needs handles

Ufo Just needs the handwork on the binding

Ufo Kelly’s GC squares.  Needs a little fix on the quilting and the bias binding applied and the handwork.

so I think that puts me at 96 quilt tops, plus 5 “projects”

10 more is 90

2 Feb


I’m late I’m late I’m late!  Got my list turned in on the last day.  How many were there?….

Ufo81 Ufo82 Ufo83 UFO 84 Ufo85 Ufo86 Ufo87 UFO 88 Ufo89 Ufo90  And yet there are more


12 Jan

Practicing spelling words


Writing and illustrating stories



I know.

5 Jan

So I’m not sure how this all works.  it could be that God is trying to nudge me.  Or maybe He just has a great sense of humor.  for whatever reason, i seem to have a very planking group of peeps.  Every S I N G L E day, my Facebook wall is filled with this woman:


My sister planks, my friends plank, my cousins plank, my quilter peeps plank.  I’m trying not to be a hater but come on!  Guess I’m grateful that my 83 year old father in law doesn’t plank.  Of course he isn’t on Facebook so maybe he is planking and I just don’t know it!

so you know I’m kind of a joiner.   I like to belong.  Assimilate even.  So I tried planking.  I don’t like it.