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January finishes

11 Feb

Total of 5 finishes for January.  Heirloom was offering double points for small quilts.  These first 4 will either be wall hangings or table squares.

Jan finish1 Up close 1 Back 1

The square in the middle of the block is probably 1″ finished.

Jan finish 2 Up close 2 Backing 2

Little blue baskets, badly pieced but not real obvious once given a hot bath and dry!

Jan finis 3 Up close 3 Backing 3

Teeny 9 patch!  The squares within the 9 patch are 1/2 ” finished!

Jan finish 4 Backing 4

Colorful little hour glass.  Apparently the photog decided against an up close pic!

i think (don’t quote me) these were Jo Morton patterns from her little women club.  Love the texture created by the quilting, wash, dry process!  I quilted all 4 of these with 1 backing.  Quilted was freehand as is obvious when looking at my wiggly lines!  I hand bound these.

Jan finish 5 This one is a nice lap sized quilt that we gave as a wedding gift.  2″ finished batik squares.  Quilted in a teal thread with a nice all over design.  This quilt was hand bound.

and that wraps January. So I started with 96 – 5 January finishes leaves me at 91!


Quilting time!

5 Dec

Sometimes my job is like stitching rainbows!


This is a pantograph design called Flourish by Lisa Calle.  Thread is Tie dyed variegated by Signature.

Here’s the front:



Julie Bruce piece this lovely quilt.  So fun to quilt!


kris asked on Facebook if I talked to myself while I was quilting this.  She wanted to know my thots………

Kay’s head:  okay here we go,  feet firmly planted on the mat, bifocals adjusted, roll your shoulders    a n d.  Breathe……..  Did I remember to check my highs and lows?  Yes, yes I did.  Ooh this is quilting up nicely.  Stay on the line.  Nice smooth lines.   Is it still snowing?  I like to look at snow but the touching of it and driving in it, and pushing and shoveling and scraping  of it…yeah, not so much.  Crap, was that a loopy?   Please please don’t let this have loopies.  I wonder what everyone is doing at the house.  Probably still sleeping since it is only 5:30 in the morning.  why is it that about 30 minutes before I have to get up I have blissful deep sleep?  Karma.  Dang!  A bobble.  It’s ok, just let’s everyone know this was hand guided.   Breathe…..  It must be karma.  I can’t sleep because in reality, I’m not a nice person. Oh look I’m almost to the end of this pass.  Did I start with a full bobbin?  I might be able to make it to the end…….gasp.  Breathe you moron.  Holding your breath will NOT put more thread on the bobbin.  See!  Right there!  that is why karma is biting you in the tush.  You are so mean.  Name caller.  Almost there.  watch the swirl, tension looks good.   and I am too a nice person.  I’m sometimes too nice to people that don’t deserve it!   6 more inches and I’m there.  Please let there be enough thread.  And no loopies.  And be lined up properly.  I hope I chose the right pattern.  And batting.   And thread color.  Almost there…And stop……  Hey!  I still have half a bobbin of thread left.  moron.  quit calling me names.   You’re not the boss of me.


aren’t you glad you asked kris?




Liar! Liar!

2 Dec

My pants are on fire!

So I may have been exaggerating the number of finished tops that I personally have that are waiting to be quilted. I may have been saying “about a hunderd” when the topic came up. Keep in mind this is everything from a table runner to a bed sized quilt. This includes quilt tops that I personally pieced, purchased vintage tops, and tops that were gifted to or exchanged with me.  That’s a lot of categories people!

So Heirloom Creations is doing a terrific program in 2014 all about your UFOs (unfinished objects). Read all about it here:  UFO

So I decided it would be a tremendous idea for me to focus on quilting in 2014 instead of piecing.

First step is to identify and count all the UFOs and turn that list into heirloom creations.

After a cursory inventory, I’m thinking I’m a bit of an exaggerator! I don’t have a hundred un quilted tops!  No sir!  That is completely reedonkulous! If I have a hundred tops, I should be in therapy.  How many tops do YOU have?  Well, all I know is that I don’t have “about a hunderd” of them.

i only have about 94!   A measly few 94.  Just a puny little 2 digit number.  That’s what I have.  2 (count ’em TWO) digits!  What a relief! Of course I just counted what I could easily see. I may have missed one or inadvertently counted a back as a top.

We will have to wait until I get snaps of them all for an official number but DANG! I think I’m in good shape here! Maybe I don’t even need to participate in the UFO program. I’ve got a handle on this. No one would turn me into (quilt) hoarders for just 94 tops. I have at least a 6 quilt cushion!

I took snaps of 20 of the quilts so far. Wanna see ’em? That’s a silly question, of course you do or you would have clicked past me already onto the next blog. Duh.

Here is 10 of my ONLY 94 (at this time) (who knew I was such an exaggerator) un quilted tops.

Ufo  Ufo  Ufo  Ufo  Ufo  Ufo  Ufo  Ufo  Ufo  Ufo


Sewing at Karen’s

1 Dec

Super fun weekend of sewing at Karen’s while the boys went hunting. We were successful, they were not.  But everyone had fun!

i worked on super tiny tumblers that I bought precut on our trip to Des Moines with kris and Neil.

Tiny tumblers

And both Karen and I worked on cinnamon sticks that Heirloom Creations sold a few years ago.

Cinnamon sticks


Roughly 1500 2 inch finished half square triangles  were stitched.  Now to cut them apart, press and remove the papers.  I’m going to save that for another day. 🙂

Here is the tiny tumblers:

Tiny tumblers

Note the quarter to show you the size.  Now I’m going to surround this with several (8 or 9) rounds of bigger tumblers.  But not today.


today was a work day.   So is tomorrow.  And the next day………but the weekend is coming peeps!  Only 5 days away.

How cute!

25 Apr

Liam  Liam

The little quilt is lovely too!


Ummmm. Cheddar with little 9 patches of shirtings and civil war browns.   I was the lucky one to draw this in a random small quilt top exchange.  It was pieced by Kim Lockwood.  Thanks Kim!



And more cuteness!




Redirected blog post

17 Dec

So I forgot my camera the other night. Bad Kay.  Luckily Kim used her phone to capture the big reveal of our year long project.

go to: To read all about it check out the Pete and repeat post!

New Year’s Day is coming

16 Dec

YeahYeah yeah I know there is Christmas in between there but New Year’s Day is about SEWING!!!  I am  mildly excited about it- can you tell?  So here is may selection of fabrics:


YUM scrumdillyicious even.  I have some pink to add to the mix and then it will be perfect…I think.


now look how easy it was to post 2 days in a row!  Do u suppose I am back?


who wants cake pops?