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January finishes

11 Feb

Total of 5 finishes for January.  Heirloom was offering double points for small quilts.  These first 4 will either be wall hangings or table squares.

Jan finish1 Up close 1 Back 1

The square in the middle of the block is probably 1″ finished.

Jan finish 2 Up close 2 Backing 2

Little blue baskets, badly pieced but not real obvious once given a hot bath and dry!

Jan finis 3 Up close 3 Backing 3

Teeny 9 patch!  The squares within the 9 patch are 1/2 ” finished!

Jan finish 4 Backing 4

Colorful little hour glass.  Apparently the photog decided against an up close pic!

i think (don’t quote me) these were Jo Morton patterns from her little women club.  Love the texture created by the quilting, wash, dry process!  I quilted all 4 of these with 1 backing.  Quilted was freehand as is obvious when looking at my wiggly lines!  I hand bound these.

Jan finish 5 This one is a nice lap sized quilt that we gave as a wedding gift.  2″ finished batik squares.  Quilted in a teal thread with a nice all over design.  This quilt was hand bound.

and that wraps January. So I started with 96 – 5 January finishes leaves me at 91!


Floor treatment

7 Aug

Seriously.  Easiest way to spiff up wood floors that have been used and abused.

behold the battered entry floor ( about 20 years old, faded, scratched, and tired looking) before:


And the after shot:


Now folks, there is no trick lighting, no photoshopping, no magic of TV hanky panky going on here.

wanna see it again on the floor in Scott’s hunting room?  I will do slow motion for you this time. B e f o r e :

Floor Again battered and abused, water stained, scratched and almost 100 years old.


wait for the magic…..


A stream of vegetable oil.  Yes. Cheap garden variety vegetable oil.  For real.  Mop that into the floor ( we bought a cheap mop just to use for this purpose).

let that soak in for a bit.  not long, maybe 10 minutes.

using a spray bottle, spritz a solution of vinegar and dawn dish soap and water, and wipe with an absorbent rag.  Sorry, I don’t have pics or the recipe but can get it if anyone is wanting it.  And, drumroll please…..



Seriously!  Is that amazing or what?  Now, while it truly blows my mind, don’t expect brand spanking new floors for 69 cents.  this doesn’t FIX anything.  My floors are still worn and scratched.  But it hides some of the blemishes and really shines them up.

So, let me know if you give it a try and what your results are.   I’d love to see snaps too if you are inclined.

and now back to our regular programming:

Eliana Liamimage



Happy new year!

31 Dec

Oh yeah, I still have 17 hours before I have to say goodbye to 2012.  Plenty of time to play with fabric one last time this year

here are some pics of my 2012 NYD project



Its from the book History Repeated by Betsy Chutchian and Carol Staehle.   I think it was called Blindman’s Fancy.

here is a few close ups for your pleasure:


That pic is a little dark and it looks a little umm well “friendly” .  In reality the quilt is quite vibrant and pieced pretty well.  moist of the steps include a squaring up process and I used a special ruler by Quilt in a Day for all the flying geese.  Super simple.


i used mostly scraps for this quilt.  Lots of Jo Morton pieces that were left over from a “Jo’s little women” group I participated in for a few years. This quilt put enough of a dent in my civil war stash that I NEEDED to go shopping this my NYD 2013 project.  Really!




Now how did he get in this post?  Liam must approve of my quilting choices!


Alone. Without supervision…

29 Dec


And I had good intentions of getting my NYD fabrics ready but it was so delightfully quiet and calm in the house.  Can it really make that big of a difference when 3 small boys, 1 old man and his enormous (think small horse) dog, and a young couple leave the house?  Hmmm. Apparently yes!


and I completely squandered my day in self indulgent behavior.  I watched 6 (count ’em) episodes of Dark Shadows. YES!  The series from the 60’s is now on Netflix. Like 160 some episodes!  Color me tickled pink!  And I watched 4 (yes 4) episodes of Clean House.  Aanndd I had an orange crush shake for lunch.  I played several rounds of words with friends To round out my day.


To redeem myself a smidge I managed to do 4 loads and still counting of laundry and a pot of homemade bean soup is simmering on the stove.  Yeah that is the extent of the productivity I accomplished in the 7 hours I have been on my own.

so since i have nothing much to show for my day… i will show something else I have been working on.  It’s not complete but I think especially sister kris will enjoy a tour of my bedroom since it was previously hers.

Bedroom1 I am standing in the door way.  I am going with a vintage look including some 30’s reproduction quilts. You will notice that there is not a handmade quilt on the bed… It is in the works.  The pink tree is part of a gum ball machine Scott snagged at a sale several years ago and gifted to me.  I chose blue for the walls to kinda “man” it up on account of the pink ceiling. 🙂

Bedroom2 This is standing just inside the door.  Yeah.  No window treatments yet. I was thinking to make them but am now leaning towards ready made lace ones because it might actually get done that way.  The dresser and vanity belonged to my gramma Lola.  Love family pieces.  No way Neecy Nash and her evil band of clean house henchmen would get me to put those on a yard sale!  Ok.  Maybe a bit too much tv today.

Bedroom3 A little closer view.  The little white bumpy pretties were a Christmas gift from Scott.  How did he know?!

Bedroom4 I have looked for years for the perfect little piano stool to fit under the vanity.  Turns out my high school friend Lori had it all along!  Thanks Lori !

Bedroom5 And here we are standing in front of that dresser.  What you don’t see is a door on the other side of the bed that is a closet (to be worked on).  And you do see a slice of the pink ceiling in this pic.

Bedroom6 Lights out.  That’s all I got.  Still to come: a rug, the bed quilt, the curtains, the window frame above the bed with a saying in it, and the closet organizer, and a few little items.


Dang! It’s quiet. Wonder when everyone is coming home……



Redirected blog post

17 Dec

So I forgot my camera the other night. Bad Kay.  Luckily Kim used her phone to capture the big reveal of our year long project.

go to: To read all about it check out the Pete and repeat post!

quilts & girls

29 Jan

So another gentle soul reminded me that it is certainly a long time between posts.  i know.  hanging my head in shame.  I have loads of stuff going on that is blog worthy but i have burdened my poor computer with almost 14,000 photos and that S L O W S it down.  Must get an external hard drive and remove several thousand photos.  there it’s in writing now so it will get done right?  maybe.

In the mean time, here’s some snaps of the end of the year gathering of a little group I belong to.  We focus on civil war quilts.  we meet mostly monthly and spend the evening working on handwork stuff and yakking and of course snacking.  This past year we chose a block and we each were to make a quilt top-any size any pattern using the CHURN DASH block.  are you ready for some snaps?

darling lisa.  she is our over achiever of the group.  she typically makes LARGE quilts.  and see her quilt top here?  it’s QUILTED.  the only reason it’s not bound is that she just got it from her quilter that day.  wanna see a closer up?

you can see a little bit of the quilting in the upper right hand corner.  Twyla quilted it in what i would call a “cinnamon roll” allover stitching pattern that i discovered through Kim Diehl.  Not sure what Twyla calls it or where she got her inspiration.

Kim is up next with lovely red churns set off with a tan alternate block top.  Her’s is a nice lap size.  While Kim certainly got hers done in time, she dithered about deciding on a pattern because the churn dash wasn’t her favorite block.  but now she loves her quilt.  go figure.  🙂

and who WOULDN’T love this lovely?!?

and H E R E ‘ S twyla with a very scrapped up dash.  really rich colors that the pix don’t do justice to.  and now for her close up.  Vanna?  where’s her close up.  dang it.  please talk amongst yourselves while i go get the close up from the 14,000 snaps in the file…….

and we’re back.  lovely no?  yes.

another master scrapper, Karen modified a kim diehl pattern.  again, the colors are much much more vibrant in real life.  i liked the original pattern design.  but i LOVE karen’s arrangement.

yumalicious.  yeah, totally made up word.  i know that drives some of you nutso.  sorry about that.  sorta.  not really.  sorry about not being sorry.

sadly, this is my quilt.  yes.  i failed the assignment.  This is all i got put together.  I have a box of blocks ready to go but need more variety in the backgrounds before i could put it all together.  this is an on-going project for me.  in addition to being my churn dash quilt, this is also my “pound” quilt.  for every pound i lost in 2011, i make a block.  and since i have more pounds to go, i will have to add to it in 2012!  good reasons for not getting it done.  but still, i failed on this one.

and here we all are.  mostly.  one of our group was unable to attend due to a family illness.  we missed you nancy!

but what is this?!?!  this looks to be done…..

more on this the next time we meet……

winnie the pooh

2 Jul

don’t you just love winnie the pooh?  seriously.  here’s a quote i ran across recently:

“sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your head”  now how can that rumbly tumbly bear be so profound?

anaway, i’ve been sewing up a few of those soft books.  so i thot i’d share.

could this be any cuter?

how about a trip to the zoo?

and who doesn’t love a story about little forest animals?

watch out for mr. mcgregor little bunnies!

a bear in a rain coat?  really?

so there you have it.  i just love these little soft books.  they make great gifts for new babies and even 1st birthday gifts.  and they wash up beautifully.  i use a fusible fleece or fusible batting inside the pages.  you can pick up these panels at many quilts shops and they usually run $6-$9.  i happen to get mine from always your design in dell rapids.  they typically have 8-10 different panels at any given time.

i still have a couple to get made here.  and 2 of them involve some crazy monkeys and bed jumping!

i know, it’s late.  i need to turn off the head before i hurt something….. g-nite all.