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15 Dec

Change is HARD ya know?  Even or maybe especially when you are the one initiating change.  WHY??  Why is it so dang hard?!?

So I have been stewing for several months.  Years even really.  Not gut wrenching everyday stewing.  Just back of the mind, floats up during meditation, pinterest posting kind of stewing.  More like “habit stewing”

Well, guess what Martha?  I got off the pot.  I did.


Looks pretty wild right?   That’s what change can be my friends!!  WILD.  IN YOUR FACE.  SCARY.  NOTICABLE.  CHANGE.  No wonder my bejeeber freaks at change.  My resistance forcefield goes up.  The lid snaps shut on my box.

When I’m ready.  When the time is right.  When the stars align.  Change is okay-even good.  And sometimes, after it all gets processed, the end result is much more subtle than the initial changes that took place inside.  Big or small, every little change allows a little bit more of your light to shine.


Of course change involves others in one way or another.  Maybe someone else’s  actions nudge you to make changes.  Maybe your change causes a ripple effect for change in others.  Sometimes you need someone to help you change.  Sometimes it’s all of this.  It’s all butterflies.

I hooked up with Brittany for this change.  She is a sweetheart and just amazing at creating beautiful hair.  You can connect with her  HERE 

I am grateful for all the nudgers, ripples, and helpers in my life…you know who you are!

A promise is a promise.

7 Dec

Every.Dang.Year.  When I get out the Christmas decorations, I promise myself that I will be organized when I take them down.  And yet a quick 3-4 months later, I find myself scrambling to rip down the holly and box up the elves to make way for pastel colored Easter eggs and chocolate bunnies.  In my haste, the Christmas boxes and baubles are packed up with less organization than a squirrel’s winter nut stash.

And the cycle repeats itself the next December when all 444 boxes are hauled out again.  Gah!  Once again, major Kay-fail.

How important is it to keep promises?  I have always believed it is Super important!!  I don’t even remember being taught this so it must have been early on in my formative years (Thanks Mom for raising me to be a good human bean).

When I make a promise to someone, I move heaven and earth to keep it.  <insert tiny little voice that I imagine people use in confessional booths> Except those promises that I make to myself.

I promise to drink more water……I promise to stop impulse buying…..I promise to pay bills early….I promise to meal plan….I promise to take a trip that requires getting on a plane…I promise to eat just one chip….I promise to just run the dryer to dry the clothes and not to unwrinkled them…I promise to go to bed at the end of this chapter…I promise no more Hallmark Christmas movie tears…I promise to say no…I promise….


My pants aren’t just smokin’!  Those babies are a pile of ashes!

Have you heard the saying “you teach people how to treat you”?  All those lies that I have told myself for YEARS; all those broken promises; they have taught me not to believe myself.  Well that stinks.  If I don’t believe me, who do I believe?  Social media? TV and movies? The weather girl?

I’m not big on New Years Resolutions but I do like to take a look backward for a quick minute to see if there is anything that could use some attention.  It’s  not a new idea, but I kinda like the idea of a “word” or “phrase” for the next year.  Have you chosen a word or phrase instead of a resolution?  Did you notice an impact?  I tried a word generator and it says my word is OPEN.  Well, let’s be honest here, first it said JUMP and we all know I don’t jump.   I’m not sure what my word/phrase will be year but I’m going to give it a good think.

And I’m going to start keeping my promises to myself.  I promise.

Let the festivities begin!

24 Dec


It’s  Christmas Eve morn and all is quiet.  Well OF COURSE it’s quiet. It is 4 in the morning.  :).  I wasn’t even able to put my most recent ridiculous reality show on for company because I neglected to get instructions on operating the new TV set up.  So like I said, all is quiet.  For now.  Soon 6 little feet in graduating sizes will come pitter patting down the stairs.  The boys are so excited for the holiday and YEA! They are all well!


a quick sweep of the big chunks, a lick and a promise and the house will be ready for  the rellies to come for dinner tomorrow.  And what are we serving you ask?


Soup! Lots and lots do soup!  We will have chicken noodle made by carin, taco made by Aleycia, chili made by wade and oyster stew made by Scott.  hopefully the aromas of the first 3 soups will cover up the stench of the oyster one!

off we go peeps!  May you have a joyous Christmas Eve!



20 Jun

want to see my impression of a tiger?



that’s it.


sometimes i wonder how awesome

7 Feb

i could be if i could sleep.  most of the time i’m too tired to give a dang.

so yeah.  4 am.  wanna see what a self portrait at 4 am looks like?  i didn’t think so.

this is me being all nice and not subjecting you to a makeupless face.  see my new glasses?  i can see!  and i have managed to mostly stay upright even though i now have bifocals. which was the whole point of getting glasses that i don’t wear on top of my head.  still i worried about tripping myself.  in the interest of full disclosure, there have been a couple close calls.

here’s me sans glasses, but with pink hair.  sometimes i miss the pink hair.

here’s me with a whole lot of hair.  permed hair.  hair with color even.  obviously, this is an old picture!


kelly thinks my glasses are like a pair she had once.  hmmmm

well at any rate, it’s now a respectable 5 am so guess i’ll get ready for the day.

bet you’re wishing i’d put up some quilt pictures or grandboy pictures about now…..

maybe next time.  🙂

quilty stuff!

11 Jun

this “top” was beautiful to start with. VERY well pieced. and it came with extra STRESS as it was for a very special gift to the maker’s daughter and fiance’ for their wedding gift. no pressure. i always worry about ruining someone’s treasure. i gotta work on that. anyway……….the deets: we went with quilter’s dream WOOL batt. it is lovely and it quilted like butta! i used signature thread in a lavender like color (orchid maybe?). i started with a green and can you say YUCK?!!? did some stitch removal for that. sooo very glad i changed. what else…….oh, the all over feathering is a technique by Suzanne Earley called……meandering magic i think…..anyway, she’s got 2 great books out so shoot me an email or comment if you want more deets i’ll dig ’em up for you. anyway, it’s a super technique that i think could be used equally well on a long or short arm or even a domestic machine. …..some ruler work, some pebbles, some freehanding, and some bead board in the border. deb levy’s video on MQR inspired me on the splitting of the pillow tuck border. okay, i think i’ve credited everyone. well, i’d also like to thank my mother on account that she birthed me and all…… i know, i hear you all saying “just get on with the pictures woman!” ok.

deb1 i know, my photos are not great. there was no sunshine to be had. trust me, even tho you can barely see it, this is QUILTED. it’s pretty good sized…..about 100×112

deb2 working from the outside in, the outside border on 3 sides is bead board followed by “barbara bush’s pearls” in the narrow lavender border. the next area of dark spikes and light spikes is a freehand feathered meander (ala suzanne). the 8 spike blocks have a variety of stuff in them (i’ll detail that in the close up), the “star” diamonds were CC (continuous curves) and the center star has pebbles, feathered wreath, and circles. the top border (which you can’t see) is larger (20″) to use as a pillow tuck. i split that border into 3 with beadboard on either side of an undulating feather.

(blah blah blah…..i can hear my sister saying that!)

deb3 here’s the pillow tuck.

deb this is the feather meander magic and a bit of “barbara bush’s pearls”

deb4 there are 8 of these blocks and they are all quilted the same. i started with pebbles behind the 1st spike (which has SID), the curved flying geese are feathered, again SID the spikes and then two 1/4inchish outlines, row of pebbles, 1/4 inchish again with a curly-q reaching out to the edge.

deb5 close up

deb6 close up (again)

deb7 the center. hard to see but the very center is a double circle filled with pebbles, a feathered wreath, double circles, SID, pebbles, SID

deb8 the most full shot of the back that i have. i played with the exposure and contrast in the photo so the color is completely off but you see the stitching better.

deb9 the back center

deb10 this shows the pillow tuck quilting (left side) pretty well

deb11 a bit “truer” color

and that’s a wrap! the quilt was picked up in the bag.  a few hours later i received a lovely phone call from deb and her hubby saying how much she liked the quilting.  made my day.

for those of you still with me, here’s a snack.

mints i also made 500 cream cheese mints for a dear friend’s son’s wedding tomorrow. the girls helped me one night so i got a good start and then i finished up the remaining 200 last night. scott did NOT help.  nor did he get up at 3 am to flip the mints.  you’re all surprised right?!?!?!

the party’s over now

8 Sep

3 weekends, 3 parties.

yesterday was kaiden’s baptism. it was just a lovely day. i don’t have photographic evidence of this. mostly because kris is in town so i don’t have to be the official photog. so pix of the actual day will come later.

i did however find time at 3:45 am (who STARTS their day at this time? crazy no? yes.) to take pix of the evidence that the party is over!

scott’s fancy shoes. not sure how or why, but my farmer’s market beaded bracelet was found inside one of his shoes. nothing on the calendar to warrant wearing these shoes again for a while. guess they’ll go back in the closet until the next time.





the colors in the runner look a bit faded compared to real life. i made this for a quilt class i led in 2004. looks nice no? i have a chronic disease of “piling”. if there is a flat surface i am compelled to pile crap on it. i like my table without crap. crapless. that’s what i want. a crapless table. a crapless house even.





a close up of the quilting. funny how much more i like this after it marinated in the pile of quilts for a few years. i ain’t half bad at this quilting thing. my quilting time has been severely limited as i get into the nana care groove. i miss it.






the last bag of trash. one of many.







evidence of my late afternoon nap after the guests left. the boys took over child wrangling and carin and i dozed a bit. the pillow cases are made from a rescued vintage quilt (sister kris did it not me but i got ’em). the pink quilt was a gift made by kris for my 40th birthday. scrappy pinks she collected from friends and family. a definite fave. the day bed began life as a king size waterbed that we purchased in the 70’s. it sat in storage for years until i brought it out and a friend’s dad converted it into the day bed for me. i like it.



the deserted family room. really looks empty. and why don’t i have a quilt hanging on the wall? i wonder why i didn’t notice that big bare spot until i looked at the picture. if you look closely at the wood, there is even a built in quilt rack. all i needed to do was chose a quilt and hang it up. i have quilts. many of them. i’m a quilter without a quilt on the wall. things that make you go hmmm.

the baptismal gown and quilt hang over the back of the chair on top of my prayer shawl. the chairs belonged to my grandfather. i am working on (read it’s a UFO) crazy quilted fabric to recover the chairs (there is a partner) with someday.

and the last bit of cake. scott’s sister makes cakes. yummy cakes. i sent home the leftover chicken, and fruit, and soda, and beans, and croissants, and chips with the kids. after all, it was their party, their food. i kept the cake. the missing piece was breakfast. this will be supper.

yup. the party is definitely over.