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6 Jul

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28 Mar

So the church bake sale itself was a success.  But my little cookie holders, not so much.


I made 20 little holders using washi tape, burlap strips and buttons.


And I ended up buying 12 of them back before we dropped prices to 50%  for the last 10 minutes.

Cookies Cookies

oh well Scott now has some fresh cookies and I have 12 decorated holders for some future event.

Oh well not a total loss.  Unbeknownst to me at the time, I guess I had a couple people trying to determine my age and so far I must be keeping the wrinkles at bay as the guess was a few years less than my actual age.  Thank goodness they weren’t trying to guess my weight.  Course maybe plumping up my wrinkles is what shaved those years off the guess.  Dang it.  Waddling off to the treadmill now.

I know.

5 Jan

So I’m not sure how this all works.  it could be that God is trying to nudge me.  Or maybe He just has a great sense of humor.  for whatever reason, i seem to have a very planking group of peeps.  Every S I N G L E day, my Facebook wall is filled with this woman:


My sister planks, my friends plank, my cousins plank, my quilter peeps plank.  I’m trying not to be a hater but come on!  Guess I’m grateful that my 83 year old father in law doesn’t plank.  Of course he isn’t on Facebook so maybe he is planking and I just don’t know it!

so you know I’m kind of a joiner.   I like to belong.  Assimilate even.  So I tried planking.  I don’t like it.


10 more makes 80

16 Dec

Ufo Ufo Ufo Ufo Ufo Ufo Ufo Ufo Ufo

Hmmm. Trysts only 9.  Hang tight while I figure out what happened with my numbering system…

so I thought this one was a duplicate snap of the same quilt, but I think it might be the 2nd of 3 identical but different sized tops.

Ufo  and yet….I don’t know….I’m going to say this is only 9 until I check it out closer.  I’m getting kinda close to 100……

Sixty 60! Quilt tops not my age!

11 Dec

Ufo Ufo Ufo Ufo Ufo Ufo Ufo Ufo Ufo Ufo Yeah, sometimes you might see quilts that look similar or even exactly the same.  It’s how I roll.

THIS is 40

9 Dec

Seems like it is taking me 4ever to get all of these UFOs posted!  Are you sick of them yet?  If so, just blow on by the posts.  I’m using my blog as my record so it is what it is!

Ufo Ufo UfoUfo Ufo  Ufo Ufo Ufo Ufo Ufo

And onto the next 10.  I am kinda enjoying getting a quick peek at these UFOs.  Technically, some of them might be bordering on “vintage”.

2014 UFOs

8 Dec

10 more for your viewing pleasure.  Now keep in mind that my goal is NOT to get all of theses done.  My goal is to get A LOT of these done.

Ufo Ufo Ufo Ufo Ufo Ufo Ufo Ufo UFO Ufo  We are getting there folks.  This must be 30 or 40 so far!