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Car time conversation

20 Jul

Background info: Ian is 7, Kaiden is 6, liam is 4, and nana is…never mind how old (as dirt) I am!


so we are on our way home from a movie and Liam asks:

“nana?  Where do we live?”

i reply “we live near Trent”

liam: “no, we live in canada”

ian and Kaiden: “we do not live in CANADA!”

liam: “yes-HUH!  I know because of the maple syrup we eat on pancakes and waffles”

ian and Kaiden snicker and snort.  Ian:  “Liam do you live in china?

liam: “no”

kaiden: “do you live in America”


ian:  ” well look at that American flag!”

kaiden: ” that means you live in America not Canada”

ian:  UNITED STATES of America! We are a m e r i c a n s!”

It’s quiet for a minute and then Liam says just loud enough for the boys to hear:

“I live in French”

And groans erupt from the back seat along with much head slapping.

Ready set LEGO!

13 Apr


setting the scene.. 3 boys ages. 7, soon to be 6 and soon to be 4.  Common interest LEGOS.  Buying Legos, building Legos, racing Legos, leaving a lone lego on the floor to be step on at 3 am (old lady potty run) and nearly taken out by, eating lego treats, watching lego movies…I think you have the picture now.

the invite:

Lego invite Lego invite Lego invite

the gift bags:


Included in the bag was a coloring book that Carin printed and I stitched down the center to hold it together (yes you can sew on paper!)


i spent an entire day making almost 200 lego crayons:

Lego crayons

And several lunch hours cutting out lego magnets:

we tossed in a little jar of bubbles that were super cheap and all we had to do was open the package!  Which after the crayon day, was about all I could manage!

and the attire:

Lego shirts Lego shirt Carin purchased shirts in their favorite colors and printed their name and mini figure with their birthday #  on an iron on transfer.

The cakes: lord Business, Batman, and superman.  Dairy free and made by Carin.

Lord business Batman Superman


The games:

Lego car Build a lego carRacetime and then race it!

Lego mini figure cookie decorating:

Cookies  Lego figure picture taking:Photo studio

Be your favorite lego character: Scott Karen emmett lego building:Lego  And lego toss, musical chairs,  lego carry and of course a Hard Hat Emmet piñata: Pinata  The kids had a blast.  And were almost as tired as the adults at the end of the day!





12 Jan

Practicing spelling words


Writing and illustrating stories



Eliana’s baptism

19 Oct

Welcome to God’s family sweet baby girl!

Such a beautiful day.  we channeled Kris and kept it “simple and elegant”


Eliana baptism

The sponsors:  Karen and Emmett Gundvaldson and Crystal Peterson


Guests typed a blessin’ for Eliana on a vintage pink typewriter…(the “g” isn’t working)

Baptism Baptism


Tablescape Tablescape

A pink and gold color scheme was reflected in the chevron and  confetti placemats and napkins as well as gold tissue confetti.   Carin spray painted Ball canning jars gold first with a matt finish and then with a glitter texture.  We filled them with baby’s breath.  First we bought twice as much as we thought we would need, and then went back for twice that amount in order to get the look Carin wanted.  The church had a large funeral a few days after the baptism and were able to use the jars and baby’s breath on their tables.

Lunch was simple but YUMMY!  Chicken salad croissants, noodle slaw and broccoli filled some of my favorite hobnail milk glass pieces and a mix of vintage and reproduction pink depression glass:


and punch and sweets:



French macaroons, cake pops, lemon filled with gramcracker’s jam and topped with vanilla bean buttercream frosting cupcakes, ruffle cake, krumcakes, meringue cookies rounded out the sweets.

it was a delightful day.

Floor treatment

7 Aug

Seriously.  Easiest way to spiff up wood floors that have been used and abused.

behold the battered entry floor ( about 20 years old, faded, scratched, and tired looking) before:


And the after shot:


Now folks, there is no trick lighting, no photoshopping, no magic of TV hanky panky going on here.

wanna see it again on the floor in Scott’s hunting room?  I will do slow motion for you this time. B e f o r e :

Floor Again battered and abused, water stained, scratched and almost 100 years old.


wait for the magic…..


A stream of vegetable oil.  Yes. Cheap garden variety vegetable oil.  For real.  Mop that into the floor ( we bought a cheap mop just to use for this purpose).

let that soak in for a bit.  not long, maybe 10 minutes.

using a spray bottle, spritz a solution of vinegar and dawn dish soap and water, and wipe with an absorbent rag.  Sorry, I don’t have pics or the recipe but can get it if anyone is wanting it.  And, drumroll please…..



Seriously!  Is that amazing or what?  Now, while it truly blows my mind, don’t expect brand spanking new floors for 69 cents.  this doesn’t FIX anything.  My floors are still worn and scratched.  But it hides some of the blemishes and really shines them up.

So, let me know if you give it a try and what your results are.   I’d love to see snaps too if you are inclined.

and now back to our regular programming:

Eliana Liamimage



Eliana and her brothers

5 Aug

Ian Ian

Liam Liam

Kaiden Kaiden

3 little monkeys

30 Jul

go to the zoo

Zoo And snow monkeys too!Zoo And crocs or alligators!

Zoo Map reading!

ZooStopping to smell the pretties

Zoo riding the rails

Zoo say “cheese”y smiles!