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Eliana’s baptism

19 Oct

Welcome to God’s family sweet baby girl!

Such a beautiful day.  we channeled Kris and kept it “simple and elegant”


Eliana baptism

The sponsors:  Karen and Emmett Gundvaldson and Crystal Peterson


Guests typed a blessin’ for Eliana on a vintage pink typewriter…(the “g” isn’t working)

Baptism Baptism


Tablescape Tablescape

A pink and gold color scheme was reflected in the chevron and  confetti placemats and napkins as well as gold tissue confetti.   Carin spray painted Ball canning jars gold first with a matt finish and then with a glitter texture.  We filled them with baby’s breath.  First we bought twice as much as we thought we would need, and then went back for twice that amount in order to get the look Carin wanted.  The church had a large funeral a few days after the baptism and were able to use the jars and baby’s breath on their tables.

Lunch was simple but YUMMY!  Chicken salad croissants, noodle slaw and broccoli filled some of my favorite hobnail milk glass pieces and a mix of vintage and reproduction pink depression glass:


and punch and sweets:



French macaroons, cake pops, lemon filled with gramcracker’s jam and topped with vanilla bean buttercream frosting cupcakes, ruffle cake, krumcakes, meringue cookies rounded out the sweets.

it was a delightful day.

We will start with the paper

10 Jan

Fmsphotoaday prompt was (I’m late….sue me). Paper.  Behold, my paper:


Carin helped me with the computer graphics, I added the embellishments.  This was the invite to a little brunch that my friend deon and I hosted.

And now for the party part:


uh huh.  My beautiful hobnail punch bowl and cups.  Those little cups are so stinking cute! Yummy slushy punch too.


Nevermind the long arm in the background.  Look!  More hobnail dishes!  And little twinkle lights overhead.  I love me some twinkles.


You know you wanted a closer up shot!  Babies breath in vases connected with little pink beads


Burlaps and lace.  It just works.  Even cheap lace table cloths from Walmart and repurposed burlap.  I like it!

Cake pop

Red velvet cake pop dipped in white chocolate, half dipped in milk chocolate, dipped in Andes peppermint crunch and drizzled with white again.  Finish with a little dotted Swiss pink ribbon.   love the ruffle on the plates.

White place setting


we topped the little fruit salad with some homemade granola and dollop of vanilla yogurt.  Yum.  No pix but we also served chicks in a nest( scrambled eggs in little hash brown cups), apricot sausages, rum raisin bread.

i love a giving a party.  Who doesn’t love to party?  Where’s the next party?





Alone. Without supervision…

29 Dec


And I had good intentions of getting my NYD fabrics ready but it was so delightfully quiet and calm in the house.  Can it really make that big of a difference when 3 small boys, 1 old man and his enormous (think small horse) dog, and a young couple leave the house?  Hmmm. Apparently yes!


and I completely squandered my day in self indulgent behavior.  I watched 6 (count ’em) episodes of Dark Shadows. YES!  The series from the 60’s is now on Netflix. Like 160 some episodes!  Color me tickled pink!  And I watched 4 (yes 4) episodes of Clean House.  Aanndd I had an orange crush shake for lunch.  I played several rounds of words with friends To round out my day.


To redeem myself a smidge I managed to do 4 loads and still counting of laundry and a pot of homemade bean soup is simmering on the stove.  Yeah that is the extent of the productivity I accomplished in the 7 hours I have been on my own.

so since i have nothing much to show for my day… i will show something else I have been working on.  It’s not complete but I think especially sister kris will enjoy a tour of my bedroom since it was previously hers.

Bedroom1 I am standing in the door way.  I am going with a vintage look including some 30’s reproduction quilts. You will notice that there is not a handmade quilt on the bed… It is in the works.  The pink tree is part of a gum ball machine Scott snagged at a sale several years ago and gifted to me.  I chose blue for the walls to kinda “man” it up on account of the pink ceiling. 🙂

Bedroom2 This is standing just inside the door.  Yeah.  No window treatments yet. I was thinking to make them but am now leaning towards ready made lace ones because it might actually get done that way.  The dresser and vanity belonged to my gramma Lola.  Love family pieces.  No way Neecy Nash and her evil band of clean house henchmen would get me to put those on a yard sale!  Ok.  Maybe a bit too much tv today.

Bedroom3 A little closer view.  The little white bumpy pretties were a Christmas gift from Scott.  How did he know?!

Bedroom4 I have looked for years for the perfect little piano stool to fit under the vanity.  Turns out my high school friend Lori had it all along!  Thanks Lori !

Bedroom5 And here we are standing in front of that dresser.  What you don’t see is a door on the other side of the bed that is a closet (to be worked on).  And you do see a slice of the pink ceiling in this pic.

Bedroom6 Lights out.  That’s all I got.  Still to come: a rug, the bed quilt, the curtains, the window frame above the bed with a saying in it, and the closet organizer, and a few little items.


Dang! It’s quiet. Wonder when everyone is coming home……



who wants more cake?!?!

17 Jun

so today being father’s day and all.  i did not make cake.  i know.  i just can’t get the hang of this timing thing.

i made cake tuesday.  and i count it as father’s day cake.

one of scott’s favorite candies (he likes ALOT of different ones) is whoppers.  you know those malted milk balls covered in milk chocolate.  yeah.  that’s the ones.  anyway, i needed some brown decorations for a a church shower and decided on whoppers.

so i had 10 jars of whoppers.  what to do?  make a whopper of a cake!

2 layers of chocolate fudge cake and frost with chocolate buttercream frosting.

add whoppers.  my technique was 1 for the cake…1 for me….1 for the cake….1 for me.  and then it wasn’t.  on account that you can only eat so many whoppers.

WALAA!  A WHOPPER OF A CAKE.  and look at the lovely hobnail cake stand.  LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!  seriously, love me some white bumpy stuff.  🙂

a whopper width slice will do ya.

you could feed a small village this cake for a month of sundays.  seriously.

oh yeah, make cupcakes with left over batter and throw a whopper on a dollop of vanilla bean frosting.

ok.  i’m totally not making any cake for at least a month.  swear.

it’s a good day……

6 May

when you win an auction at a really low bid for something white with little bumps on it.  yea!


when you buy something PINK with wheels (deets later.  maybe even with a picture!)


when you don’t recognize a phone number but answer it anyway and it turns out to be an international call from one of your favorite peeps!!!


when the little boys came home after a weekend away and they missed me (even tho they missed boppa more….)


when all the puppies are sold!


my 3 out of 4 rhubarb plants came back when i thot they were all gonners


tomorrow is a home day!


we got to spend some time with pistol pete!


and so very much much muchly more goodness

so it’s a good day martha.  🙂  a very good day.

(story time in the reading tent)

sing it with me!

25 Dec

on the 1st day of ……oh what the hay-let’s skip ahead to the last verse since it’s the best one anyway!

on the 12th day of ebay membership, my UPS girl delivered to me….

3 dozen salad plates

beaded, ruffled, ribboned

19 shining goblets

1 pedestal tart bowl

2 politically incorrect ashtrays (to be used as pillar candle bases)

I KNOW there is 3 pieces there.  i CAN count.  it’s just that one isn’t an ashtray.  still makes a great candle base.  🙂

1 beautiful bride’s basket

2 (not 7) vases

a pitcher and 6 tumblers


5 ruffled candy dishes

4 candlestick holders

3 ice tea glasses

2 salts and peppers

and a shoe with a cat face on the front

one more time…..just kidding.  🙂

judge me if you will….Whoa!  did everyone else just feel Kris’s CER (condescending eye roll)?!?!  ok, as i was saying…..judge me if you will, but just know that i know that there is surely some type of skeleton in your own closet.  it probably isn’t hobnail milk glass, but i bet if i dug around a bit, i could dig something up on you.  granted, i probably won’t (dig around) because well, that takes time, and i could spend that time hunting up a hobnail punch bowl and 12 cups so you’re probably safe from being exposed.  i’m just saying, i know i COULD get something on you.  i just CHOSE not to.  and that’s my story.  still.


now in the interest of full disclosure.  ebay is not the only place to find these pretties nor is UPS the only delivery service.  etsy is wonderful.  Fed X and the post man are top notch!  junk shops across the world are my close and personal friends.  and speaking of friends and relatives….you guys are SOOOO generous!  many thanks for the gifts!!






even the fat lady is singing

8 Aug

it’s all over but the shouting

all good things must end

it was fun while it lasted

what other corny phrases are there to indicate the retreat day at the clubhouse is no more?  booo hoooooo.

and guess what?  i even had my camera and i took just 1 single picture.  and it stinks.  one of the girls turned her back, one is chawing away on some of the yummy deliciousness and the other one is scowling.  they’d all collectively pummel me if i posted it.  it’s been a while since i’ve been pummeled……..  naw, i won’t post it.  i like to avoid pain you know!

so here are the remnants of the quilting day.  i took these on Sunday.  my day of recovery.  sort of (except i worked in the clubhouse from about noonish to midnight)

each of us had a little bud vase with these lovelies on our table.  The guests also got a basket of goodies.  since i neglected to take pictures DURING the day, you’ll have to scamper on over to KIM’S blog for a picture of that.

binding was accomplished.  2 quilts.  this quilt is titled “it bleeds brown”.  for over 8 hours.  it never quit.  so now it’s also titled “the quilt that shall not ever be washed”.

and the purse was completed.  sort of.  i couldn’t sew the handles on because i couldn’t find my thick black thread.  i remember using it for the crazy quilt.  so i found that box and WALAA!  no, i didn’t find the thread but i found the muslin that i was missing for another quilt.  so HEY!  nancy, you don’t need to go stash diving to find any of that for me!  but yeah, no.  no black thread.  but soon as i find it, this puppy will be done!

i showed off my new plates.  ebay.  etsy.  it’s NOT a good thing for the pocket book martha!

someone uses an OLISO iron at home.  yeah, no.  you have to set my iron’s on end.  not saying who did this KIM!  it’s all good.  at least we didn’t burn the clubhouse down!

lots and lots of this was done.  had. enjoyed even!

thanks karen for co-hosting with me.  you’re a peach.  nancy, orange you glad you came even though you had to leave early?  lisa, you’ll always be top banana!  ok.  i can’t come up with anymore fruit references….

you guys are the berries!


eeek!  i forgot to show this picture:

a new civil war book for perusing.  i forgot it because it was already in my stash of bathtub reading books!  Thanks kim.  love the book already!