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Cocktails at 9am

17 Jun

Recently 2 very nice adorable intelligent young men made a decision they regretted.  It involved fire.  Everyone is fine.  The carpet, not so much.  Even good smart awesome people make messes.  But messes can be cleaned up ya know?

Today is clean up day.  Very shortly a truck will arrive with new flooring for the family room.

Before picture:

see those lovely vacuum lines?  Scott called while I was vacuuming.  He questioned my purpose.  Why vacuum one more time when it is getting ripped out?

Well first of all, we can’t have people thinking we actually LIVE here.  We must remove all traces of human existence from this room!  Lol.  Not really.  That is just SILLY!

And secondly and more importantly, can you even imagine the satisfaction of vacuuming an entire room without having to go around a single piece of furniture?  Or move a piece of furniture?  Every one of those vacuum lines felt like a great big OCD hug.  That black spot that is circled?  That is melted carpet fibers.

We are replacing the carpet with carpet.  I would have preferred non-carpet because the dog is alive.  But the man was really set on carpet.  He likes to sink his toes into soft warm plushness of carpet.  He also likes a toasty warm bed and bath water temperatures in the pool.  I prefer ice cold sheets and cool enough pool temps that when you jump in, you gasp just a little.  As far as flooring goes, I just don’t like dog hair mixed in with carpet fibers.  But, all the other rooms in the house are carpet-less.  And it was really important to the man.  And less important to me.  Point goes to Scott in this round.

I picked out two samples to show Scott.  He liked them both.  They were very similar.  And then I looked at the name.  Carpets have names just like paints have names.  Did you know?

I chose the one named Cocktails.  Because…cocktails. 🥰

It’s 9:07 and where are my cocktails?  They are lost.  Because GPS directions like to play tricks on people trying to find me.  Better directions have been given with landmarks (there is sign in my pasture that says “Trent Cemetery”).

Cocktails will served soon.

And after:

Car time conversation

20 Jul

Background info: Ian is 7, Kaiden is 6, liam is 4, and nana is…never mind how old (as dirt) I am!


so we are on our way home from a movie and Liam asks:

“nana?  Where do we live?”

i reply “we live near Trent”

liam: “no, we live in canada”

ian and Kaiden: “we do not live in CANADA!”

liam: “yes-HUH!  I know because of the maple syrup we eat on pancakes and waffles”

ian and Kaiden snicker and snort.  Ian:  “Liam do you live in china?

liam: “no”

kaiden: “do you live in America”


ian:  ” well look at that American flag!”

kaiden: ” that means you live in America not Canada”

ian:  UNITED STATES of America! We are a m e r i c a n s!”

It’s quiet for a minute and then Liam says just loud enough for the boys to hear:

“I live in French”

And groans erupt from the back seat along with much head slapping.

Boppa time

6 Jul

ElianaDisney princess castle


Tag you are it!





I know the snaps aren’t the greatest but the subject is!

Ready set LEGO!

13 Apr


setting the scene.. 3 boys ages. 7, soon to be 6 and soon to be 4.  Common interest LEGOS.  Buying Legos, building Legos, racing Legos, leaving a lone lego on the floor to be step on at 3 am (old lady potty run) and nearly taken out by, eating lego treats, watching lego movies…I think you have the picture now.

the invite:

Lego invite Lego invite Lego invite

the gift bags:


Included in the bag was a coloring book that Carin printed and I stitched down the center to hold it together (yes you can sew on paper!)


i spent an entire day making almost 200 lego crayons:

Lego crayons

And several lunch hours cutting out lego magnets:

we tossed in a little jar of bubbles that were super cheap and all we had to do was open the package!  Which after the crayon day, was about all I could manage!

and the attire:

Lego shirts Lego shirt Carin purchased shirts in their favorite colors and printed their name and mini figure with their birthday #  on an iron on transfer.

The cakes: lord Business, Batman, and superman.  Dairy free and made by Carin.

Lord business Batman Superman


The games:

Lego car Build a lego carRacetime and then race it!

Lego mini figure cookie decorating:

Cookies  Lego figure picture taking:Photo studio

Be your favorite lego character: Scott Karen emmett lego building:Lego  And lego toss, musical chairs,  lego carry and of course a Hard Hat Emmet piñata: Pinata  The kids had a blast.  And were almost as tired as the adults at the end of the day!





12 Jan

Practicing spelling words


Writing and illustrating stories




14 Dec

Eliana Eliana Eliana Just look at those little lips!

And now 50! And a pickle.

10 Dec

Ufo Ufo Ufo Ufo Ufo Ufo Ufo Ufo Image Ufo


So we have enjoyed the tradition of the pickle on the Christmas tree with the boys.  Last year however, the pickle was dropped and shattered into a crapzillion pieces.  Today we found a pickle at target.  It was only $3 so we decided to get 2 just in case.  Within 2 minutes of discovering the pickle, due to extreme excitement, the pickle was dropped, and shattered and the tears were flowing.  Thank goodness we had bought a spare.  I almost feel like we should go buy 2 more!  The tree goes up this weekend!  Yea!