More ufos

4 Feb

Ufo X 3. Ian Kaiden and Liam’s bed quilts.  Needs borders, wheels, quilting and binding

Ufo Ufo  So that is 5 more for my quilt tops.  These next items qualify for the Heirloom Creation challenge but do not add to my unquilted top total. ie: I’m still under 100!  Dang I missed one.  No photo but it’s a mini Jo Morton hour glass. So 6.  Still under 100 and still a non hoarder!

Ufo X 2.  These are quilted and ready for hand binding

Ufo Purse just needs handles

Ufo Just needs the handwork on the binding

Ufo Kelly’s GC squares.  Needs a little fix on the quilting and the bias binding applied and the handwork.

so I think that puts me at 96 quilt tops, plus 5 “projects”

One Response to “More ufos”

  1. KrisR February 4, 2014 at 11:02 pm #

    Looks good! Love the bed quilts for the boys.

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