Floor treatment

7 Aug

Seriously.  Easiest way to spiff up wood floors that have been used and abused.

behold the battered entry floor ( about 20 years old, faded, scratched, and tired looking) before:


And the after shot:


Now folks, there is no trick lighting, no photoshopping, no magic of TV hanky panky going on here.

wanna see it again on the floor in Scott’s hunting room?  I will do slow motion for you this time. B e f o r e :

Floor Again battered and abused, water stained, scratched and almost 100 years old.


wait for the magic…..


A stream of vegetable oil.  Yes. Cheap garden variety vegetable oil.  For real.  Mop that into the floor ( we bought a cheap mop just to use for this purpose).

let that soak in for a bit.  not long, maybe 10 minutes.

using a spray bottle, spritz a solution of vinegar and dawn dish soap and water, and wipe with an absorbent rag.  Sorry, I don’t have pics or the recipe but can get it if anyone is wanting it.  And, drumroll please…..



Seriously!  Is that amazing or what?  Now, while it truly blows my mind, don’t expect brand spanking new floors for 69 cents.  this doesn’t FIX anything.  My floors are still worn and scratched.  But it hides some of the blemishes and really shines them up.

So, let me know if you give it a try and what your results are.   I’d love to see snaps too if you are inclined.

and now back to our regular programming:

Eliana Liamimage



One Response to “Floor treatment”

  1. Peg August 8, 2013 at 4:59 am #

    Floors look amazing – good job! And that baby is gorgeous – congrats to all!


    Sent from my iPhone

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