We are on baby watch here…

29 Jul


I know, it’s still more than 10 days until her official due date however, “signs” indicate she might be getting ready for an early appearance.  Yea!

so in anticipation of that, we have been re-arranging the living space of our house- sort of a two step shuffle kind of dance.

scott and I moved to the room that used to be kris’, the boys moved into our old room, the boy’s old room became Scott’s hunting lounge, Carin and Scottie’s closet became eliana’s nook.  Yeah, she will sleep in a closet folks.  But it will be a closet fit for a princess!  And the linen closet has never looked better!

Closet  Mostly a full on shot

Closet Bins with “fold-ables”

Closet Bins with swaddle blankets and bedding.  See the cute little vintage cuddlies peeking out?


And wa-laa!  Miss eliana has 50 adorable teeny tiny 0-3 month outfits to wear.  now, lest you think we are ridiculous ( actually we are but we embrace it), out of those 50 outfits, only 9 were purchased new!  Look at us be all thrifty and such!  We are also soooo fortunate to be the recipient of little Miss Ruby’s outgrown treasures!

and so we wait…





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