Teacup succulents

1 May

the theme for the Pinterest party was “housewarming”. What is more housewarming than a plant?
Teacup succulants

So I gathered up some lovely little tea cups and under the direction and help from the Flandreau Flower Shoppe, I planted a variety on little succulents in the cups.


I named each plant and wrote up a little snippet of personality. Carin then created little tags to tie onto the tea cup handles and a larger tag that I put in a little brown bag topped with a paper doilly for the actual”drawing” at the party.

Tags  Pretty bags

After the drawing, the recipient just matched up her “tag in a bag” with the tag on the tea cup.

Teacup plants  Succullents

The goodies I brought home included a hostess apron and tiny sock coin purse, a canvas painting, a set of padded hangers, 2 sets of fabric magnets, and a cupcake zippered pouch. Check out heirloomcreations.net for snaps of all the Pinterest inspired items.

Naturally everyone also brought snacks from our Pinterest boards. My bacon jalapeño cheese ball was a hit with every one except the vegetarians! Other items shared were snicker cake, chocolate dipped strawberries, pasta salad, chocolate dipped potato chips, tiny cherry cheesecakes, oatmeal squares, and Rice Krispie sushi. I may have missed something there. Sara is collecting recipes and Pinterest links and will put together a listing either at heirloomcreations.net or on her Pinterest account.

A little chatting, some sharing and even a little lie telling made for a good time for all! Thanks Cleo and Sara and gang! See you all at the December event!


2 Responses to “Teacup succulents”

  1. Jody May 1, 2013 at 1:30 pm #

    Love this idea–I have a LOT of cups and saucers since I USED to collect them!

  2. runandsewquilts May 7, 2013 at 7:40 pm #

    I am SO excited. Just a few minutes ago I was asking my hubby what to do for the daycare moms and voilla, you showed me! Thank you! You are the best!

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