Best excuse ever.

24 Mar

So you know how after you have put kids to bed, one by one, time after time, pitter patters of little feet Come tripping down the stairs?  I need a drink.  I had a bad dream.  I need a sleep buddy.  I forgot a hug/ kiss.  I can’t sleep.  Etc.


tonight Kaiden has the winner.  He snuck down and scampered behind the couch.  Carin advised him that he had 3  seconds to get back up to bed before he started losing privileges.  He pops his head up and says ” I have a butt rash” .


Lol.  No one was able to keep a straight face.

child 1.  Adults 0

Well played Kaiden.  Well played.



One Response to “Best excuse ever.”

  1. Amanda May 14, 2013 at 7:34 pm #

    Oh. my. word. That’s all I can say! Kaiden’s Comedy Club coming up!

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