Happy birthday Scott!

6 Jan

Hubby is 53 today and we usually celebrate by making him a multi-layered chocolate cake like this 6 layer german chocolate one:


Or like this:


Or even malted milk ball one


So, this year we made a chocolate turtle cake for him:

Cake This is only 3 layers so far.  that is chopped up turtle candies on top of a filling of cream cheese frosting and dulce de leche on top off chocolate cake with pudding mix, and choc chips.  After another layer of cake, then the whole shebang is frosted with chocolate frosting, sprinkled with more chopped up turtle candies and drizzled with carmel ice cream topping.  and here is Scott and the gang with the finished cake

Cake Cake

Now lest you think carin and I spent the whole day baking sweets, off no!  We also made double batches of turkey chili, chicken veg and chicken noodle soups, a chicken dinner and taco supper, and a batch of spaghetti sauce is in the works.  Oh happy week ahead with limited cooking!


One Response to “Happy birthday Scott!”

  1. Jody January 6, 2013 at 9:24 pm #

    That is one chocolate cake!! And 4 happy guys!

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