please may i have some more

21 Jun

did you seriously think that was all the vintage zoo pictures?  oh silly rabbit.


we made good use of the lemonaid stand that Kevin made for us years ago.  what is more vintage than lemonaid?  at the last minute we found a keg of rootbeer.  we served up the beverages in jelly jars with a striped paper straw.  oh yeah, see that lion that is guarding the drinks?  he’s stuffed with candy and spilled his guts later on in the day!

step right up to the vintage candy bar!

the little fabric bunting was made of left over triangles from liam’s birthday quilt.  and how fun are those HUGE balloons!  They were ordered online and were a bit ( a LOT) bigger than we imagined. It took 17 pumps of helium to fill them.  and 2 car trips to get them to the party.  🙂

gumballs, hot tamales, tootsie rolls, boston baked beans and licorice filled glass containers of various sizes and shapes!

candy sticks and penny chewy candies, carmel popcorn and white cheddar popcorn !  Fill up a polka dotted chinese take-out box or a movie popcorn box with a  mix of your favorites!


be sure to sign the “if all the animals came inside” book with your birthday wishes!  underneath the book and gifts is the quilt that carin made.

and prezzies!  and more huge balloons!

one of the balloons sprung a leak.  quick!  get a gumball from the candy bar!  this “fix” lasted for 3 days-maybe more because the boys lost ahold of the string one day and it floated away!

our teeniest and prettiest guests!  Baby Ruby and her great grandma D.

thanks for coming everyone!  be sure to take a favor bag filled with animal crackers, train whistle, water squirter, zoo gummies, foam necklace and tattoos!

happy birthday liam!



2 Responses to “please may i have some more”

  1. Cynthia June 21, 2012 at 10:02 am #

    Another amazing party! You really should sell tickets for those of us in awe!
    Check out this site for a wonderful hand carved merry-go-round (I can’t get carosel spelled correctly) as well as named one of the top 10 toy stores in the world! And so near! We were there last summer on our annual family vacation.
    Another great site near + the live programs are fantastic…kept interest for our participants ages 2-89 + 5 teachers!
    then of course to complete the eagle theme at trip to…

  2. Sybil June 24, 2012 at 3:08 am #

    Wowser….you sure know how to throw a party!

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