what to do when you can’t sleep

20 Jun

here we are again.  just you and me.  do what shall we do?

google.  uh huh.  google “things to do when you can’t sleep”, “quilts”, “DIY projects”, “get organized”, “be a better procrastinator”, “pink”, “how long does the average german short hair dog live”, “how many eyelashes do you get in a lifetime”, “what is the most popular question”, “who do i want to be when i grow up”, “cake”,

check the time.

take a hot bath.  dang it’s hot in here.  take a cool bath.

read a book.  check

check the time

watch another episode of “mcleod’s daughters”.  check times 4

see if there are any new reality shows that i’ve missed.  nope

check the time.

do dishes.  pass

count sheep, clouds, m&m’s, quilts,

do laundry.  seriously pass.

listen to soothing music.  check.  i’m still awake so it obviously didn’t work.

drink warm milk.  gack.  cold ice cream-tasty.

google images .  find a really cool cartoon old lady that looks sleep deprived.  and realize i lost my “pin it” button when firefox decided not to support my version of yada yada yada.  and i’m too flipping tired to save and send and refind. etc.  besides, it’s probably copyrighted.  and even when i’m crabby i’m not a thief (seriously, i spelled that wrong 4 times.  there is only 5 letters in it.  slap me).

check the time.

tic toc

ok.  here’s some pix that i own.  completely unrelated to anything.  i mean everything.  well, they are related to each other.  and me.  and loads of other people.  but that’s not the kind of related i mean.  know what i mean?

 king of the world. or ian.

  doesn’t his smile just make you HEAR the music?  me too.

 kisses from heaven.  and liam.





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