liam turned 2!

15 Jun

about a month ago.  ok, more than a month ago.  🙂  the party was perfect (with the exception that some folks couldn’t make it but you always have that)!

the theme:  vintage zoo (why?  because we found an adorable fabric titled vintage zoo)

the location:  the zoo (you knew that right?).  right outside the zoo entrance is a lovely little park area with playground equipment and several picnic areas with tables and loads of lovely shade trees.

is anybody hungry?  let’s eat (cake)

the cake:


i know right.  i’ll start from the bottom.  carin scrounged around in the garage and found a big box of vintage canning jars, then she scrounged around at a goodwill store and $3 later had 3 metal trays which she spray painted and glued the jar lid to the bottom.  we picked out the red and yellow gumballs (out of a box of 850 courtesy Sam’s club) and filled the jar, screwed it on to the tray and WALAA!  a fun cake plate for under $5!  and now for the cake.  it’s a carousel!  yum.  3 honking layers (as opposed to 3 regular layers!) of lemon cake separated with a lemon cream filling, frosted with vanilla bean butter cream frosting.  the yellow balls that surround the cake are gumballs.  The carousel animals are sugar cookies with royal icing mounted on paper straws with a gumdrop on top.


ok.  seriously, that was a pain in the tookus to do so just straight pictures, then words from now on.  looks cute tho right?….

i did mention the 3 honkin’ layers right? 

and now for the small cakes (aka as CUPCAKES)

Double chocolate cupcakes filled with a chocolate ganache (does that make them triple chocolate?)

Lemon cupcakes filled with gramcracker’s rhubarb raspberry jam.

All cupcakes topped with a thick swirl of vanilla bean buttercream frosting and a zoo pick that carin made on the computer.

what is hiding behind the cupcakes i wonder?

LIONS, AND TIGERS AND BEARS OH MY!  and monkeys too!

i’m not gonna lie.  these were fiddly to make.  not hard.  i had several “monkeys on crack” (yeah, no i don’t know what monkeys on crack actually looks like.  i IMAGINE it looks like some of my first attempts at cake pop monkeys!) to begin with, but i improved.  i think.  they all got ate and that’s the important part right!?!?

enough cake!  please no more cake.  ok anyone for cookies?

zoo animal sugar cookies.

 don’t forget about ice cream!

carin found perfect little styrofoam containers with lids and tiny little wooden spoons which she tied on with either red or yellow ribbons.  She made cute little labels to top off the contains.  What a perfectly EASY way to serve ice cream.  So much less mess.  Love it.  hope we do this again.

how cute is that little saying?  super cute it is.

so to recap, we have your cake, and your ice cream, your little cakes (cupcakes), and your cake pops and a side of sugar cookies……..

and it was all ummm ummm good.  i have proof.  visual proof.

happy baby blake.    baby blake eats monkey.     baby blake eats ice cream.

REALLY happy baby blake.

see?  i wasn’t lion.


3 Responses to “liam turned 2!”

  1. Tammie June 16, 2012 at 7:51 am #

    Holy Cow! What a another great party. You guys are seriously the party animals!

  2. Karen June 20, 2012 at 8:05 am #

    It was a lovely party, as usual! Wonderful theme, yummy treats, good friends and the cutest kids ever!

  3. Diana W. July 25, 2012 at 9:30 am #

    You sure throw the best parties. I love how you decorate and have a theme. I could learn so much from you!

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