kayla’s bridal shower

12 Jun

My niece Kayla is getting married!  She requested a pampered chef bridal shower with a dessert bar.


and so it was! Kayla’s 6 aunties worked together even though we live on 2 different continents and 5 different states!  Thank goodness for the internet.  I’ve kept the pix small here (you can click to enlarge) as there is a ton of them since the far away auntie’s haven’t seen how it all came together.  We did a burlap and lace theme which is similar to her wedding theme.

the shower was held at the Mission Coffee House.  This is a lovely little coffee shop that is part of Kayla’s home church.  This is as you enter the shower area.

these are shots of the dessert bar from various angles.  giant tissue paper flowers were suspended using fishing line.

  butter pecan cake balls and chocolate fudge cupcakes with a rhubarb raspberry jam filling and vanilla bean frosting.

2 kinds of fudge and strawberry & angel food cake kabobs (drizzled in chocolate!)

raspberries stuffed with white and milk chocolate chips, oreo truffles

carmels sprinkled with sea salt, rhubarb raspberry jam topped cheesecake and mini chocolate chip topped cheesecake

cream puffs and nuts (no pix…a nut is a nut.) rounded out the dessert table.  yummies all around!  We used a collection of miss matched hammered aluminum trays as serving pieces that I was lucky enough to snatch when a friend (Cleo!) was wanting to clear out the cupboard.  The silver pieces, blue canning jars, burlap, lace and buttons all tied together nicely!

simple table decorations-a burlap square with a couple blue canning jars with candles and jute, accented with burlap and button flowers.

and kayla.  the beautiful bride to be.  🙂

less than a week after the festivities, 8 boxes of pampered chef items arrived to be distributed among the guests and to kayla’s kitchen!

3 Responses to “kayla’s bridal shower”

  1. Kelly June 12, 2012 at 10:11 pm #

    It all tasted as good as it looks but now I’m afraid to try on my Mother of the Bride outfit – thank goodness for Spanx! You seriously did a great job – I suppose we could be a picture of the weiner game from the naughty party!!!! Kayla probably wouldn’t see it here!

    • Tammie June 13, 2012 at 9:41 pm #

      Wow – you guys SERIOUSLY know how to party! I think I’ll have you cater when/if my daughter ever marries! It looks great! I’d need the Spanx too!

  2. Karen June 20, 2012 at 8:07 am #

    Once again, you guys put on a great party! Everything looks wonderful!

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