thursday thumper….sort of

30 May

so naturally, there is always a back story to any good party.  some little tiddlebit that wasn’t documented with photos or a live at 6 newscast (here’s hoping).  but an amusing little anectdote all the same.  and it probably qualifies for a “thumper thursday” only it was saturday. and only it was me.

let me qualify this by saying.  very little sleep.  very little.  a little more than carin but a very little more.  ok.

So the location of the party was about 20 miles away or so.  Balloons needed picking up, party props and foods need transporting as well as kids and costumes and presents etc.  multiple vehicles are required.  carin and i set off first with the cake carefully perched on carin’s lap while i drive.  in the mad scramble to leave the house, i made the decision that i did not need to wear pants.  i didn’t want to be in my full on SUPER NANA costume but i had “parts” of it on.  like see through lace leggings.  like hooker nets. and i threw on a blue denim shirt of scott’s.  all the bits were covered in a fashion of sorts, but i would not say i was particular ready for public viewing.  My logic was that i would not need to exit the vehicle until we arrived at the party place which is in a rural area.  so no problem right.  right.

first problem.  carin would not be able to exit the vehicle to pick up the balloons because she was holding the 40 pound cake remember?  uh huh.  ok, quick call back to the other vehicle and dispatch them after the balloons.

next issue.  i need gas in the truck.  like the “idiot light” is on and i’m not sure how long it’s been on.  no problem, i usually don’t pump my own gas, so i’ll just hit that station and they’ll pump it for me an no one will know i have no pants on.

next issue……we drive through the town and pass the gas station and forget to stop.  the idiot light is still on.  ON THE DASHBOARD people.

we make it to the town closest to the rural area.  sort of a town.  kind of a city actually.  just 10,000 residents give or take a few…and luckily (!) there is a gas station right by the interstate.

and yeah, guess who gets to stand out there and pump gas by the interstate without pantless (but with hooker nets) ?  not the girl with the 40 pound cake on her lap that’s who!

“pantless saturday”.  party on.

the last of the super hero shots:


catlady & superman                                     biker babes & baby

  the klein klan

kebba, a hero of another sort.  no costume needed.


ok.  the super hero party is packed up.  onto the vintage zoo party for liam 2nd birthday.  stay tuned.  🙂


3 Responses to “thursday thumper….sort of”

  1. Jody May 30, 2012 at 12:39 pm #

    I didn’t see a photo of the “pantsless” person!!! Come on, you teased us….now give!

  2. Sybil May 31, 2012 at 1:03 am #

    I wonder if anyone noticed? ;o)

  3. Jan June 13, 2012 at 10:21 am #

    I have missed Thursday Thumpers!!!!!!

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