calling all super heroes!

10 May

Figured I’d better get a post up about Kaiden’s 4th birthday party before we have Liam’s party (just days from now….)


the theme:  super hero (naturally)

the invite:

dang it… picture.  talk amongst yourselves for a moment please…..

the invite:

the outside of the invite.  and yes, that’s Kaiden.  Isn’t he buff?

the inside.  It’s hard to read but basically it says grab your cape and mask and join us for a super hero birthday party.  Carin designed the invite and it looked SUPER!


so, there was cake:

Carin made the cake.  3 different flavors…..chocolate, white and rainbow!

and then decorated it with super hero emblem and building sugar cookies.  can you say 40 pounds of sweetness?

and cookies:

and cupcakes:

and there was other eating stuff that was sugar less…..but boring, you know like sandwiches, veggies etc.  not picture worthy…

and a quilt

once again Carin took the design she created for the invite and turned it into a quilt.  We pieced the rays together, created the skyline and attached that to the bottom of the “rays”.  and then appliqued the SUPER K onto the rays.  Lastly, we defined the individual building using a gold yarn.  I neglected to get good pictures of the quilting so will do that and make a post at a later time on account that it’s pretty cute quilting if I do say so myself!  The quilt is backed with a yellow/gold minkee fabric.  YUM.  needs binding…..volunteers???  yeah, ok, the robot quilt from November is 1st in line for binding……..

I also neglected to get pictures of the capes.  We didn’t want any little heroes to party without capes and/or masks, so in addition to making 5 adults capes, and 3 capes for “incredible ian, super kaiden, and lightening liam”, we made 10 kid capes and masks.

and yes, i know.  no cake pops.  you’re shocked.  well, it happens.  we ran out of time.  So Kaiden was able to bring super hero cake pops to preschool the following week for his birthday treats:

and I’ve exceeded my 10 picture maximum per post.  stay tuned for more exciting stories from Kaiden’s super hero 4th birthday!



2 Responses to “calling all super heroes!”

  1. Peg May 10, 2012 at 6:43 am #

    Awesome job on the the Birhday party – thanks for sharing.

  2. tamruffle59 May 10, 2012 at 7:38 am #

    How fun is that? You guys come up with great themes!

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