LITTLE quilts

31 Jan


So the other “project” our little civil war group did was to exchange small quilt tops.  the “rules” stated it was to be small (think table top or suited for framing).  and unquilted.  pretty simple straight forward rules right?!  hmmm some of our members had trouble again.


Here’s Karen with the quilt she “drew” made by Kim.  kim had no trouble following all the rules of the exchange.  wtg kim!

kim pulled 6 blocks from her stacks of “farmer’s wife” blocks, added in lovely mustard colored alternate blocks and WALAA!  it’s a small quilt.  suitable for framing or a table top.  <insert a small measure of sarcasm here>

next up is kim with the quilt i made.  i really wanted to draw my own number.  i know, that doesn’t make me sound very nice.  I just LOVED how it turned out.  and i’m not being all conceited or anything, the hand stitches are not invisible, the yo-yo’s had a learning curve etc.  i just loved it even with all it’s warts.  so much so that i’m back to doing yo-yo’s to make my very own quilt since i didn’t draw my own number.

and let’s not forget to point out…i followed the rules.   😉

i drew Karen’s quilt.

so you can’t tell because there is nothing to gauge the size by, but this is SMALL.  maybe 10 inches square.  seriously small.  and perfect.  excellent job on following the small rule karen!  however, she broke the rules when she felt the need to quilt it.  tisk tisk.  naughty girl.  lucky me!

and now for the quilt Lisa drew:

twyla made  a little churn dash quilt similar to the big one she’d made for our other project.  too cute.  and once again, twyla followed the rules.  now, i had another picture of lisa where she has her eyes open.  however, i could not resist posting this one since santa is looking over her shoulder obviously impressed by and loving the little quilt!

and here’s twyla about to pet the quilt that Lisa made.  remember lisa from the previous post?  the overachiever?  the one who makes LARGE quilts?  yeah, that’s the one.

Lisa also made a smaller rendition of her large churn dash quilt.  she had a little trouble with the small concept.  i’ll give her medium.  stinker.

and here we are again:

lovely “little” quilts.  lovely “little group”.  i’m a lucky girl.  but dang!  i’m short.



3 Responses to “LITTLE quilts”

  1. Ann January 31, 2012 at 5:59 pm #

    Love the little quilts!! The big quilts are wonderful too!!!!! I miss being in a group like that.

  2. Sybil January 31, 2012 at 8:07 pm #

    Love ’em all.

    Lucky me…..I have one of them (thank you Ms. G) hanging on my kitchen wall!

  3. kwiltykim February 5, 2012 at 10:20 pm #

    Ah yes….some people are always over-achievers….we love her anyway! ;o) LOVE my yo-yo quilt…and it will be framed! :o)

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