Trent is 125 years old!

30 Jul

ok, it’s been a full week since the parade but hey, it took trent 125 years to get here so what’s another week right?  anaway, the parade was WONDERFUL!  i didn’t know really what to expect but WOW!  i think there was close to 90 entries in the parade.  i even ran the battery out of my camera before it was all done.  almost every entry was tossing candy out to the kids.  we were unprepared.  the kids filled the seats of 2 lawn chairs with candy.  we won’t need to buy treats until christmas!

i won’t make you sit through all 100 pictures …..just a few highlights!

Here is the Messiah Lutheran Church float.  We honored our oldest member and some of our newest members.

Service men and woman were honored in several floats

Multiple area fire departments were represented.  Here we have a shiny new truck from the Trent Volunteer Fire Dept.  and a shiny OLD truck from the Flandreau Fire Fighters.

Old cars and new trucks!

Red Tractors and Green Tractors!

and yellow tractors and more green tractors!  ok, it’s another green tractor and a nice tractor as tractors go but dang!  mick is one hot farmer!

more green….but these are little guys!

covered wagon pulled by horses and “lost cause” pulled by 4 wheeler


these folks came all 4 miles from egan to wish trent a happy birthday.  it’s hard to see, but they’ve mounted a trolling motor on the back of the pickup “just in case” the roads flood again.  it’s important to keep a sense of humor during tough times!

Steve and Betsy from Steve’s bar.  Best jalapeno burgers ever!

there were lots of horses and even a couple donkeys, some clowns and a big bird (not THE big bird….)

but a big bird nonetheless!

there were bands and baptist singers (neighbor lary in the yellow pretending to sing–he might be a lutheran at heart!)


i TOLD you it was wonderful!




2 Responses to “Trent is 125 years old!”

  1. grapegrower July 30, 2011 at 7:31 am #

    wow, sorry we missed it.
    good to see the little town celebrating.
    and we second the jalapeno burgers thought.
    who said that living in a place where the streetlights dim every time you plug in your electric toothbrush is dull and boring!

  2. Jody July 30, 2011 at 1:25 pm #

    Looks like a beautiful day for a parade! Glad you and the kids enjoyed it.

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