so what’s been happening in your world?

22 Jul

it’s been a busy week around here.

new job.  check check.  it’s going well i think.  towards the end of the 2nd day i was called in for a private sit down with the boss.  i’m like “how could i manage to get fired in 2 days?”  i wasn’t fired.  just a request for a schedule change that totally benefits me.  REQUEST APPROVED!


swimming and soccering.  the boys are wrapping up 2 weeks of swimming lessons.  and ian is on the back half of his soccer season.  hilarious to watch.  seriously.


on the quilting front.  working on quilts for the “quilts and vines” quilt show.  it’s a MUST DO.  hope to see you there.


tonight is date night.  i wanna see “winnie the pooh”.  haven’t quite figured out how to fanagle scott into seeing it with me……i wondering if the old standby “ooops, i thought i bought tickets for “transformers”.  sorry “honey”.    ok that was a really bad winnie pun but i couldn’t stop myself.

i won the hobnail plates auction.  they haven’t arrived yet.  am hoping i love them.  kris, you’re comment cracked me up.  good to know you’re always willing to give me stuff you don’t like!


the road got fixed.  in the fixing they broke the phone.  sigh.  all is well now.  temporarily.

and cake pops.  diana they are not exactly hard to do.  there are lots of videos out there for help.  or let me know when you can stop by and we’ll “pop” together!  it’s just kinda fiddly.  and addictive.  i have a butter chocolate cake on the counter just waiting to be crumbed and balled.  kris, the paci’s are those candy necklace pieces.

lemon cake and lemon frosting make YUM!


and just for fun:

what could possibly be more fun than pajamas, puddles and froggy boots?!?!?


have a good weekend peeps.

2 Responses to “so what’s been happening in your world?”

  1. Vicki W July 22, 2011 at 9:05 am #

    Glad the job is going well!

  2. Diana W July 22, 2011 at 9:50 am #

    I would POP by if possible! Your cake pops are adorable.! Some day I WILL make some!

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