like, i’m so sure.

12 May

as if.

i can’t. do. it.   i was going to post this entire post in valley talk.  i can’t.  oh well, moving on…you’re just gonna get kayspeak.  🙂

i spent my formative years in a little town called valley springs.  i still live near my hometown as do several others.  and yet we rarely run into each other.  so we decided to have a night for the valley girls.

i decided to make granola to give as a little party favor.  you know, see a recipe and decide to make it for the first time when you REALLY need something to turn out…..

burn the first batch.  ok, the photo doesn’t make it look that bad but trust me, it was BURNED!

adjusted the cooking temp and time and the 2nd batch turned out yummy.  i jarred it up, slapped on a ribbon and a cute little tag carin computered for me.

valley girls granola   circa 1979      get it?  yeah, we’re old. want proof?

r-l backrow:  deb, jannell, jeanne.  l-r frontrow:  twyla, melaine, me.  yeah, we’re old but we’re still pretty cute!  well, some of us are.  ok, one of us is……. just kiddin’.  you girls are all well preserved!  and yeah, no, deb’s not sleeping, she’s just blinking but the kid only took 1 picture so i had to use this one. in this group we have a travel agent, a daycare provider, a homeschooling mom, a bus driver, a business manager, and me (not sure yet what i want to be when i grow up).  who’s who?!?!?

i thot i’d be home about 8ish.  man those girls talk alot!!!  it was going on 10 when i rolled in, and then it was cake pop time again!

we are in full party prep mode here.  liam’s 1st birthday is tomorrow and saturday will be a MONSTER of a day!!  can’t wait and yet it’s hard to believe the little feller is 1 already.

time flies when you’re a nana.

3 Responses to “like, i’m so sure.”

  1. Sybil May 12, 2011 at 9:22 pm #

    You Valley girls all look great – what a fun get together it must have been!

    Having said that (and truly, you do ALL look fabulous darlings)……do you ever look at pictures of classmates or other people your age and think to yourself “man, they look old. Surely I don’t look THAT old, do I?” (yeah, I know…..I’m thinking I do indeed look THAT old……lol)

  2. Karen May 13, 2011 at 12:55 pm #

    How fun to get together with a bunch of friends that you went to school with…. looks like you had fun!

    And I can’t wait to see the cake pops and birthday party theme!

  3. Jannell Scott May 16, 2011 at 10:24 am #

    Hey. Catching up on your blog. It was a fun night. Thanks for the picture. Yeah, we look OK. Could be worse. So what did we expect? It’s been over thirty years!

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