it’s party central

8 Apr

around here!  while we were celebrating kris’s virtual party, in reality, we were celebrating kaiden’s 3rd birthday.  can you believe it?  3 years.  wow.

kaiden requested a TRACTOR party.  carin did an amazing job again on the cake.  and this time, transporting it was easy breezy beautiful as it was flat!  she was tickled pink about the colors she got in the frostings with the 1st try!

carin used fudge filled oreo like cookies to make the mud.  and really, what self respecting tractor doesn’t have it’s wheels covered in mud?!?!

and what goes with tractors and mud?  FARM ANIMALS!  (and cake of course)

with an oink oink here

and a cluck cluck here

a moo moo here

kaiden quinn had a tractor party E I E I O

we corralled the animals into a galvanized tin (filled with floral foam) after bagging, rick racking, and labeling with a thank you note.

carin finished off the display with a bunch of balloons.  dangit.  i cut the head off.

sigh.  the head is still cut off.  it’s a TRACTOR!  big fun was had with that balloon!

who’s hungry for pizza?

“yes momma.  this is how 3 year olds drink from a straw”.

are you ready to eat cake?

and now for the big event:  presents!!!

momma and daddy and both sets of grands pooled our resources and gifted kaiden some sand toys: a cement mixer (that really works….great), a wheelbarrow, a sit on excavator, and:

oh my grama d!  this picture tickles me.  included were all the safety gear and tools a construction guy would need.

kaiden also received loads of nice gifts from everyone else….books, bubble makers, a lawn mower, a chain saw, a sweatshirt, some money, flashers, tractors, trucks etc.  thanks to all!

after presents, we mosey’d on over next door to county fair where they have several inflatables and a huge climbing “thing”.  big fun was had by all.

so….i’m over my PPP (pictures per post) limit and this has already taken me 6 days to get to this point so…enuf on kaiden’s party.

stay tuned because in about 4 weeks the littlest monster turns 1!  i know!  can you believe it?  me either.  a monster party is in the planning stages.  go ahead and take a potty break and grab some snax tho because even if the party was tomorrow, it would take me another week to get the deets up…..  it’s how i roll.  🙂


3 Responses to “it’s party central”

  1. sammi April 8, 2011 at 3:07 pm #

    I love, love, love this!! Y’all are so creative when it comes to the parties. Big people, small people, fat people, skinny people … they all get such a great party. And I thank you for sharing all of the fun.

    Hugs to you .. and an extra hug for Carin the exquisite cake designer/baker/eater!

  2. Diane April 11, 2011 at 9:09 pm #

    I swear I can see the wheels a turning on that tractor and hear the cows mooing, pigs oinking and chickens clucking!

  3. Sybil April 12, 2011 at 3:23 pm #

    Very creative – and looks like it was a lot of fun for all. Love the animals.

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