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2 Apr

it’s my OLDER sister’s birthday in australia.  it’s not her birthday here yet (that’s tomorrow).  so i think she’s snoozing right now and won’t be up for several hours but let’s get this party started!  did i mention that she’s the OLDER one?  she is.  seriously.  would i lie to you?  no.  would kris?  well, this one time (not at band camp) she did lie.

she actually lied to a man of the cloth and said !I! was the older one.  how rude was that?


so anyway, i looked and looked to find a video of carly simon singing this song but alas, i was unable to.  sigh.  i did figure out how to get the song from my cd to my computer and from the computer to my blog.  (go me)  but….foiled again.  it’s against the law.  something about unauthorized free distribution or some such crap.


so here’s my song to my sister kris on her birthday (which is a bigger number than mine).  you’ll have to go find the song yourself and play it (loads of free mp3 downloads available) .  sorry for the inconvenience but IT’S THE LAW.  dangit.


“older sister” by carly simon.  originally on the “hotcakes” album from 1974.  (kris was younger then!)


happy birthday kris!


check back late this afternoon (CST) for more birthday adventures.  🙂



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