quilt retreat-part 1

12 Mar

so, let’s start at the beginning……

it was my turn to be “location” hostess.  and we typically host in our own homes.  except my home is full right now.  so i finagled…i mean my nephew jason and his lovely bride offered (after i asked) their lake home for the retreat.  how nice is that?!?!  and just for kicks, i kept the location a secret.  i might have even told a couple white lies in order to confuse and confuddle them.  that’s how i roll.  🙂

so the retreat was to start on friday night. prior to that i needed to hustle up there to arrange our 3 portable tables (have i mentioned how much i LOVE my table?!?!), office chairs (critical for long hours of sewing), a laundry basket full of food, ironing board, big board, irons (1 back up), tv tray, 2 sewing machines, 3 project totes, a bag of pajamas (also critical retreat attire) etc. etc.

thursday was going to be a long and busy day!  immediately after picking ian up from preschool, we grabbed hamburgers for the boys.  only ian wouldn’t eat his.  said he didn’t feel like hungry.  said he’d eaten a bookworm and 3 cookies at preschool.  we race through the 2nd fast food place to get the salads we wanted to eat.  and then head over to mom’s.  only we had to pull off the interstate because ian started puking.  and not just a little “blech” puking.  we’re talking projectile puking.  buckets of it.  so yeah, that was fun to clean up-winter coat, hat, gloves, car seat car floor, brother…..  we were delayed in getting to mom’s.  ian felt perfectly fine after upchucking.  ate half his hamburger.

we bust through sam’s while the kids nap in the car….ok, that sounds like they were in the car by themselves…..not the case.  carin relaxed in the puke smelling car while i busted through sam’s for groceries.  you can be the judge on who had more fun.

we drop off ian and kaiden to spend the evening with their other grands and high tail it home to finish packing and loading everything up.

finally an hour and a half later than we’d hoped, we were on the road to the lake home.  it’s a little better than an hour away. after winding around in the dark of night on unfamiliar roads, we make it there.  these people have a LOT of snow.  piles of it.  as high as the pickup.  seriously.  LOTS of snow.  we start to unload the truck and the motion light on the garage only stays on for about 3 seconds at a time.  uh huh.  you know where this is going don’t you.  hang with me, it gets better.

so i turn the headlights on the pickup so we can pick our way through the snow piles time and time with bags and boxes and machines etc.  and i left them on.  yes i did.  it’s a common thing that people do. and i did it.  ok.  moving on.

10pm we are headed out the door having arranged tables, put out treatbags and slippers on their beds etc.  and the pick up is almost dead.  not quite but pretty darn.  think think think.  maybe if i leave it set for a while it will recharge?  i make the dreaded mistake of calling scott to confirm or deny this.  he denys it because of the cold temps.  fine.  i’m about to call the road people and scott calls back.  scott:  jason has a boat.  me:  i don’t think i can drive a boat home (said somewhat snarkily).  scott:  he probably has a battery charger for it.  me:  oh.  let me check.  after rummaging through the garage i find what appears to be a charger.  i’m questioning whether i really want to attempt to hook up a battery jumper thing without supervison.  fine.  what’s the worst that can happen right?  blow up the truck?  start jason’s house on fire?  die?  ok, those are pretty bad things but what are the odds right?  right?  for about 40 minutes in subzero weather with a motion light only staying lit for 3 seconds, i attempt to connect red to red and black to black.  keep in mind i have old eyes.  so it goes something like this….i swing my right arm to activate the motion light, i grab the red snapper thing and attempt to focus in through my readers on getting it clipped to the battery.  the light goes out.  i swing my right leg this time, refocus, clip and miss, and the light goes out.    although as far as i know, there is no video, i’m sure i looked something like elaine dancing from that seinfeld episode.  only there was lots of laughter with elaine.  no one was laughing with me.  maybe AT me but not with me.  i get it hooked up.  none of the dials do anything.  i leave it for 10 minutes.  nothing.  carin looks it over.  finds a switch that “might” need to be turned on.  we wait.  and nothing.  apparently the charger needs charging.  who’d a thunk it?

so it’s now past 11pm and i dig out my little card.  i call the road people.  i give them the address.  they can’t find us on the map.  i say we’re on the lake.  still can not locate us.  she’ll call me back.  i wonder if crystal’s xboyfriend is in town…..he’d probably be up for an hours drive…..he’s not in town.  road lady calls back.  she:  are you in a safe location?  me:  yes.  she:  how important is it for you to leave tonight?  me:  pretty darn.  she:  i’m having trouble getting anyone to come and help you.  me:  silence  she: some people aren’t even answering the phone.  if they do answer, they say you are out of their territory. me:  uh huh.  she: you seem to be in a remote area. me: pretty darn.   4 and a half hours later, multiple phone calls trying to locate us, we are jumped and on the road home.  THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU ANDY FROM WATERTOWN.  he wouldn’t even accept my tip.  by now it’s dark(er) and a heavy fog has settled in.  and we get a little bit lost on the way home.  but we made it.

it’s time for a few hours of shut eye and then let the fun begin!

4 Responses to “quilt retreat-part 1”

  1. mum March 12, 2011 at 9:03 am #

    A real live nightmare that you couldn’t wake up from. just thankful you had a phone that worked and that you weren’t alone. am sure you won’t forget this retreat – life is full of memories but it’s best to not relieve this one too often.

    • myolivebranch March 12, 2011 at 10:10 am #

      i know right! at least i haven’t had a “stalker mouse” like kelly! now that would be a real live nightmare!

  2. Jody March 12, 2011 at 11:51 am #

    Oh, my!! Sounds like an adventure to remember fondly in a couple hundred years! (But the retelling WAS entertaining!–you should be a writer-I could use a good book right now)
    Have fun at the retreat!

  3. Susie March 14, 2011 at 2:16 pm #

    Oh Kay, that whole ‘story’ was so hilarious to read … I can just see you doing all that you described and it makes me smile 🙂 Sorry!!

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