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and still ANOTHER retreat!!

25 Nov

i am indeed a lucky dog!  even though we had scheduling conflicts, medical situations. construction issues,  and just life in general happening, myself and 2 quilting buddies managed to carve out a quilting weekend for ourselves.  of course we sent the men off hunting too!  🙂

our theme this time was “bake shop” (as in moda bake shop).  we were to bring projects using jelly rolls, turnovers, honeybuns, layer cakes and we threw in charms and fat quarters too because HEY! if you’re making the rules, make ’em how you like ’em!!

we exchanged ATC’s

these are the ATC’s i brought to exchange.  nothing fancy, just fuse and glitz.

originally, we would all bring trinkets to share.  but somewhere along the line, we decided we would have a “location” hostess and a “trinket” hostess and those two would share the food responsibilities too.  and one person was the “guest”.  i got to be the guest this time.  (yea me!).  and did i ever feel spoiled.  but i did do one little trinket as i already had it planned before the change up occurred.  remember the theme is “bake shop.  so i made fabric fudge.

a pile of 2″ squares tied up in tiny rick rack and organza ribbon.

served up on a little cupcake plate with a piece of TO DIE FOR fudge…..a chocolate one and a butter pecan (this just melted in your mouth.  soooo good…..yeah, i didn’t make it, i bought it)

and that was my contribution.  pretty lame actually when you hear what karen gifted as the trinket master (she is now officially known as this).  and i was a slug and didn’t take pictures of most of it. (beat me. i dare you.)  first she trots out a bakery box that would normally house a dozen donuts.  did we get donuts?  no.  although that would have been fine too.  no, we got a freakin’ quilt!  granted some assembly is required but it’s all there!  the blocks are all sewed together.  they are trees made from layer cakes in a lovely christmas line.  the borders were there.  the backing was there.  and even the binding was there!  sigh.  seriously.  compare that with my $2 a piece piece of fudge (even though it was dreamy tasty) on a cupcake plate.  lame.  i know.  anyway.  you would think that would be enough right?  you’d be wrong and so was i.  later on, she presents us with a longaberger PIE PLATE  filled with a jelly roll of fabric.

too cute.  can not wait to use the plate and the roll.  the next day we are presented with the cutest (no pictures sorry.) pin with a hand-made teeny tiny sewing machine on top of the pin.  mine is sewing with pink thread on pink polka dotted fabric.  and on the last day, we were presented with a small pastry box.  yeah, no sugary treats inside.  just a PINK wallet for me with a GIFT CARD to a favorite quilt store tucked inside.  see!!!  karen is definitely the trinket master.  i’m gaberflasted.

so i started off with project 1 using a honey bun (a gift from karen previously-no one is surprised right?!?!)

a cute simple pattern from the newest “quilts and more” magazine.  it’s called line art designed by holly hickman.  only it’s meant for jelly rolls and i used a honey bun.  nice little baby quilt.  not sure if i’ll add a border to it or not.  check check, project 1 is DONE!

we sewed until LATE LATE in the night.

we sewed really really late.  like 2 or 3 am…….

and we got up early early… 5 am.  oh!  pardon me.  seems i’ve made a typo or something.  i wrote “we” but yet the picture only shows MY machine is on.  i guess somebodys slept in.  slugs.

so i just moved on to project #2

this is made using 2.5 inch strips of bali fabrics.  super simple but quite striking even.  and i have a little baby one just like it too (no pix).  so technically, that’s project 2 AND 3.  but who is counting?  not karen.  she’s still working on 9-patches.

and then i worked on butterflies.  i didn’t get all of them done so no pix.  they are from a pat speth book.  it’s a quilt project i started in 2004 i think.  how time flies right?  anyway, i have about 25 butterflies left to piece.  and then there is a lot more to putting the quilt together so don’t expect to see it real soon!

what ho?  is karen done with her 9-patches?  look what she made!:

stinkin’ cute NICE sized baby quilt for ava.  but wait!  karen is NOT done with 9 patches.  she just got tired of them.  hahahahahahhaahhahahah  ok.  that was mean.  deal with me.  🙂

so anyway, i’ve hauled these bow tie blocks to 3 retreats now as a spare project.  you know, a project you don’t intend to get to but drag along just in case you need one.  i just found these blocks in a tote.  i’m sure i made them (and by the looks of the irregular seams, i was either inebriated or a fairly new sewer when i made them……either is a strong possibility.  maybe both).  anyway, they are now sewed into a little quilt:

so there you have it.  4 (count ’em with me, 1, 2, 3, 4) projects completed by me.  sanap!  i won’t mention what the other girls got done (karen 1, chris 6) since it’s not a competition.  🙂

i will say this:  “my bobbin is empty AGAIN!”

as is my spool.  uh huh!     yeah, i know.  mean again.  i’m gonna work on that………someday.  🙂


but right now i have to start planning the spring retreat (turkey hunting season)………ruffles and rick rack is our theme and i’m the “location” hostess!!!




i am thankful

25 Nov

for so many many things. too many blessings to list.

here is just one:

tootsies that you just want to smooch on all the day long.

i hope you have too many blessings to list too!

my day was great how

16 Nov

was your day?  🙂  so turning 50 definitely had it’s advantages.  started the day off sewing and look what came together:

it’s a simple little 25 patch made with moda bella solids combined with red wagon plaids.  i cheated on the alternate blocks and not just because i was lazy.  the fabric i chose is very directional ( a flannel alphabet sampler looking one) and it would not have worked to have cornerstones.  say LA-V.  or WALAA! because it’s FINITO!

here’s a closer-up so you can see the fabrics.  the bella fabrics were fairly new but the red wagon plaids and the flannel alphabet sampler pieces had been aging for 10 or more years.  🙂  i like the combination of the 3 different types of fabrics.

ignore the wrinkles etc.  i had pressed and folded it up for a day before getting around to taking pix of it.  it lays relatively flat and square considering the bias edges and the use of aged flannel.

after sewing the day away, we met for supper and drinks.  and even though we were stuffed, we shared a piece of yummy cheesecake.

i love that the waitress found out it was my birthday and treated us to this for free and didn’t SING and CLAP in a conga line.

and i got prezzies!  kris and kelly made this.  ok ok .  all kelly had to do was write a check.  but she’s VERY good at that.

and it’s PINK!  look at those fabrulous ladies.  i don’t even know which one to be!  naturally, a grey haired one but…

can you see it’s fru-fru’d up with sparklies?

looks like we are all gussied up for some big event!


i guess this must be me since it was the label.  the backing fabric is delicious.  i wonder if kris painted it herself.

it was quilted by the girls at always your design and karen g did the binding (kelly couldn’t handle it!)

thank you thank you for a delightful 50th day.


i received lots of other nifty gifts too during my birthday week-a pink basket filled with cake, pink polka dotted cups and plates, a perfect pocket husband, sox etc!


ps.  we got points that day for using words beginning with “f”  .  the points were worthless but we did it anyway!\

yep. it’s my birthday

13 Nov

and it’s a biggie folks.  50!  jeepers criminey! how did that happen?

so it’s my birthday and i’m only going to do things that i want to do.  everything else can wait!

i’m starting the day off sewing.  you knew that didn’t you!  🙂  and i’m gonna eat cake!!  and maybe even have a snort of champagne!

is your halloween candy gone yet?

7 Nov

well, here’s one more treat for you!  (lame i know…..)

liam and great grampa elwood.

ian, great grama dolly, kaiden, liam and g-grampa elwood

kaiden, great grama d and ian

great great gramcracker and liam

and lastly, a couple crazy gauchos