mail call!

6 Oct

so i decided to participate in a new postcard exchange from the MQR list.  it had been a really long time since i had participated and i missed it.  i maybe should have held off a little longer because i missed the DEADLINE by a mile.  sigh.  thank goodness all the other participaters are kind and understanding.  🙂

here are the cards as a whole:

each exchange has a theme and this time it was “fan”.   we each then set about interpreting the theme in any way we chose and then attempt to translate that interpretation into a fabric medium.

first up is deb’s card.  when she thinks of “fan” she sees a “sea fan”.  she lives in florida so i can see that.  deb’s card is actually much more vibrant that it appears here.  i needed to use the flash and it blew out some of the color.  i especially loved the paper that deb backed her card with-great texture!

this little beauty is from gayle.  she sent me my own personal “fan” mail!  gayle is so clever.  love the decorative stitches that make the postcard envelope!  she topped it off with a loose “fan” and button.  love it!

abigail’s trumpet flourish is terrific!  the banner is free to blow in the breeze.  you can almost hear the trumpet blasts when you look at the background fabric.  wtg abigail!

lisa is a fan of spring and summer.  she obviously did her project during the summer heat (like i should have).  she sewed tiny little strips together and then embroidered the flight of a bumblebee on it.  way cute!

judy is a fan of the 3 r’s… forget “readin’, ‘riting, and ‘rithmatic” (altho she probably likes those too as she’s kinda a brainiac!)  but she LOVES her some ROCK and ROLL and RED!

vicki (the exchange organizer) gave us two quotes “i cannot live without books” by thomas jefferson and “i cannot live without audio books” by vicki welsh.  she created her own “fabric” by layering images of her favorite books and then stitched a book on top of them.  color me impressed!

there is 3-d and there is 3-d.  this is 3-d!  becky created a FAN.  seriously.  i think i could use this postcard as a fan.    and LOOK!  it has rick-rack and it’s PINK.  super kewl becky!

this is my postcard.  let’s just say my end product did not meet up with my vision.  but i’m not complaining and i’m also not starting over.  say laV.  i started out by making a list of things i’m a fan of.  i quilted that list onto a hand dyed (by me!) fabric along with a fusible batting.  the fusible batting was a waste of time as i could not get it to fuse to anything.  again….say laV.  i fused on the cupcake and then ended up gluing on the rick-rack and sparkle after trying a couple other methods.  sigh.  oh well….if you look at it while you are riding by on a galloping horse at 20 paces away, it looks pretty…….well at least it’s done.  🙂  sometimes you win and sometimes you don’t.  so my art work looks like a 3rd grader’s.  there are some pretty terrific 3rd graders out there so i’m in good company!

the next theme is “key”………..hmmmmm thinking thinking thinking………….

and now to let this blog post marinated while the postcards have a chance to reach their destinations.  ha.  i know something you don’t know!  i know something…….gads.  i am a 3rd grader at heart.

One Response to “mail call!”

  1. sybil October 8, 2010 at 4:48 pm #

    cute and creative. You GO girls….

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