it’s another thursday

23 Sep

and around here that mean PRE SCHOOL!  so in roughly 2 hours, i need to have 3 kids fed and dressed and headed out the door.  i better eat my wheaties while i can!

so ian is loving pre school.  but he doesn’t much like to talk about it afterwards.  at first i’d quiz him over on the ride home…..whadya learn?  did you work with letters? numbers?  did you color? paint? were you a good listener?  etc.  after a couple times of trying to extract information, he fixed me with a look and said “nana!  maybe you should go to pre school”.  ok fine.  none of my beewax apparently.  🙂

here he is on his 1st day with his new “car” backpack:

and this one is blurry because he was MOVIN’!!

so while ian is gone for 2.5 hours, it’s not like we are just laying about watching tv and eating bon bons.  no sireee.  we are boning up on our own studies:

ok, maybe we are laying about…….

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