dang it!

6 Jul

who has my camera?!?!?!

i would love to show you the bounty picked up at the local farmers market this afternoon.  no camera.  a beautiful luscious cabbage, green onions and sweet onions that would tickle your noses.  some snappy green beans, and some pucker up baby currents.  tender sweet carrots and perfect cukes for eating and drinking.  and juicy red tomatos!  yeah.  no camera………..  oh!  and we also “invested” in a couple of tomato plants.  they are about 20-25 inches tall and already have green tomatoes on them.  hoping they have a healthy enough start so we don’t kill them……..

and after much anticipation (thanks fed x for getting my hopes up for july 2, and july 6th…..)  projected delivery date is tomorrow.  i gotta find that camera………..

see what happens when you try to organize?!?!?  i blame scott.  just kidding…….he had nothing to do with nothing.  dang it.  fine, i’m gonna look until midnight.  45 minutes.  if i don’t find it by then, i’m gonna get witchy.


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