on the 2nd day of moving

2 Jul

my poor arm lifted these:

1 heavy sofa

1 matching loveseat

2 glass cabinets

2 stuffed rocking chairs

1 day bed

2 wooden desks

1 heavy (read HEAVY) foosball table

1 christmas tree

and loaded up a small suv (with more qulting crap)

ok….it doesn’t rhyme and it doesn’t increase numerically properly.  and we moved more stuff but dang.  my arms are hurtin’ units this morning.  if scott was still home i’d ask him to hook my bra for me because it hurts too much to bend my arms that way.  he’s not home.  so i hooked it up splayed it out on the floor just right. and stepped into it and pulled it up.  that still hurt……

One Response to “on the 2nd day of moving”

  1. sammi July 3, 2010 at 1:14 am #

    Oh dear oh dear !! LOL!!!!!!!!!! I hook mine around my waist, zippppppp it around and yank that puppy right up. I wouldn’t eve wear a bra, but no one would realize I’m a girl without one ….

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