make over

29 Jun

so carin and i have determined that it will be much easier to wrangle the boys if we flip flop the living room with the family room.  so some of my sewing stuff is in the family room.  i decided that i would rarely sew here at the house while they lived with us.  so that means packing it up and carting it over to the clubhouse.  would you believe we completely filled her little suv once already and still have enough stuff to fill it again!  how (and why) did i have that much stuff in my little sewing nook?!?!  never mind that i have stuff in 3 other rooms in the house.  sigh.  sign me up for pack rats R us.

so carin picked up a new tube of “lip stain”.  she hates stiplip and thought this would be better as it’s not slickery and is supposed to stay on all day.  it was called “nude”.  but her lips pinked up a bit when she wore it.  it didn’t last tho.  only about an hour.  carin did my make up (just because i was lazy and was going to go without any) the other day and decided to use the lip stain on me.  yeah, my lips were bright red and it lasted several hours.  oh and did i mention that carin colored OUTSIDE the lines of my lips????

oh would that i looked this adorable!  thanks danielle ( for letting me lift the picture of your daughter!

unfortunately, i looked more like this:

that might even be too cute.  love the green hair.

holy beestung lips batman!

thankfully i’m back to normal.  well my lips anyway.  it’s a start.

movie update……we went to prince of persia, which is nothing like king of prussia btw.  enjoyed it a lot.  except the snakes.  didn’t enjoy that.  also viewed the burning plain this weekend on dvd.  enjoyed that too except it’s dark.  emotionally.  and watched sunshine cleaning too.  amusing little flick about cleaning up blood and guts.  now, before you go out and buy a ticket or a dvd on these movies, keep in mind that i am very easily entertained by a variety of movies.  i definitely NOT a critic.   the new theater is very nice.  comfy seats, good popcorn and clean bathrooms.  i like it.  i like it alot!

One Response to “make over”

  1. Kelly June 29, 2010 at 6:20 pm #

    Brings to mind one of your sayings “Be quiet or I’m going to rip your lips off!!”

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