i can’t get away with ANYTHING!

12 Mar

aren’t these cute?  little easter construction bunnies.  perfect for easter baskets.  anyhoo, this is not the trouble.  it’s just the cute to draw you into my ravings.  🙂

yesterday cabin fever hit and even though it was raining, we decide to take a short little road trip to the store.  just to LOOK you know.  not necessarily to BUY.  so we danced a little bit in the rain while we were loading up and as we were pulling into the store parking lot i noticed a great big CRANE  loaded up on a truck.  because the boys are all about construction vehicles, i slowed down and pointed to it out the window.  as i pass by i notice the company name on the truck happens to be scott’s employer.  so then we talk about maybe boppa has driven that or maybe it’s being hauled to boppa’s job site etc etc.  we talk alot about construction.

i’m sure i was still in the process of unloading the boys in the rain to enter the store when the driver of said truck got himself on the phone and dialed up scott to rat on me.  scott answers the phone “yeah” (i know but that’s how he answers his work phone).  and the driver is all “yeah, your wife is out spending your money”.  and scott says “she’s always spending my money”  and driver further tells him exactly where i was at and who i was with.  so the two of them *#$(#)A(*#&$*#@()  were dissing me.  how rude.

gahhhh.  spies everywhere.  and so, for the record, i did spend some of his money and i’m glad about it!!

ok, time to slap on a face because we’re going out in public again today.  we are attempting our first puppet show.  technically kaiden isn’t old enough but the library people are gonna let us try it anyway!

One Response to “i can’t get away with ANYTHING!”

  1. sammi March 12, 2010 at 11:27 am #

    Busted! Again! But those are really cute Easterbasketconstructionbunnies!!

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