what did you do

8 Mar

between 6 am saturday morning and 1 am sunday morning?  i had a little quilting marathon with chris, karen and sherie!  i busted out 27.5 yards of fabric i did!  and completed 3 projects.  now that sounds nye unto impossible, but, 2 of the projects were baby quilts.  and simple simon ones.  here’s the goods:

this pattern is  “wildflowers” by debbie mumm  (from her greenwood gardens book).  i really like this book.  several of the quilts are on my to do list.

back to my quilt…….i LOVE it!  i raided some excess of a ufo and only had to buy 1 fabric for the flowers.  the greens had been purchased for this project a couple years ago.  yes, i seem to have to marinate sometimes on projects.

and LOOK!  karen did the same one.  she got her’s done a couple weeks ago and spent that time rubbing it in my face!  she’s a peach.  🙂

i LOVE hers too.  however, they look sick when hung next to each other!  kinda makes you throw up a little.

and i found  a sweet little baby quilt design in the new quilts and more magazine.

all fabrics pulled from my stash.  the brown fabric is a little tiny cordouroy.  can’t wait to see how it softens up after a couple washes.  planning to do a bit of fancy quilting in the green circle.  not heavy quilting since i want it to be a nice snuggly quilt.

and look at these delicious hand dyed fabrics.  i did ’em.  yep.  i did.

lastly, there is this little kit that i whipped out.  it started life as a valentine panel.  but i think it’s super cute as a little baby girl quilt.  i have a fun blue polka dot (to match the love birds) flannel for the backing. this was new fabric i purchased this year.  😦  but at least i got it used up right away!!

so i now have 3 little girl baby quilts ready and waiting for quilting.  i might should get crackin’ on some little boy quilts.  in less than 10 short weeks, ian and kaiden will have a new baby in the house.  will we be watching re-runs of “my 3 sons” or “that girl”????  i can’t hardly stand not knowing!


2 Responses to “what did you do”

  1. CarolK March 8, 2010 at 10:59 am #

    Wow! Your quilting marathon was very successful! I love them all!

  2. Lynn Douglass March 8, 2010 at 1:13 pm #

    Holy cow! I want to come and do a quilting marathon with you! I think the quilts are all way cute! Just maybe, you’ll be able to use them with the new baby.

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