7 days and counting

19 Dec

are you done shopping? do you have a long list of people to buy for? seems like our list gets “trimmer” rather than expanding each year. for many years we bought gifts for each of our siblings. then we decided to draw names so that dropped the number significantly. then we stopped exchanging on scott’s side of the family at all. then the girls grew and wanted more expensive items so that meant FEWER items. last year i thought the boys (especially ian) would be the perfect age for opening gifts. i went a little overboard. so this year i got the old “KABOSH” put on me and was told not to buy so many for them. fine. <insert pout>

and it’s actually “fine”. i found one really nice gift for each of the boys and then a few stocking stuffer things. i have 3 people yet to buy for and i know what i’m getting, i just need to get there. i need a few more greed gifts (our letter is “L” this year) and then we’re good. oh yeah, scott told me what he wanted. it’s such a thrill. he wants boots. and not even fancy ones that he’s been coveting so he could show off his fancy footwork dancing (i don’t think he covets anything that doesn’t have wheels or a trigger actually) (and yeah, no, he doesn’t dance either). no. he just wants me to get him new work boots. because he needs them.

can you say S C R OO G E?!?!?



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