it’s a wrap

18 Dec

or not! i love spectacularly wrapped gifts. i just don’t love doing it. at one time i tried to love it. for several years i was all about the wrapping. my girls remember getting gifts that were zoo animals-front and back. 3d even with paper fringe for the lions mane and googly eyes for a giraffe. those days are long gone. now unless it is christmas you are more likely to receive your gift in the bag that came from the store where i purchased it than a beribboned wrapped parcel. but this time of year, i put forth a little effort. not much mind you but…. i buy cute paper and scotch tape and even some bows. and then i try to manipulate scott into wrapping the gifts. he’s good at it. meticulous even (surprise!). i tend to slash off some paper, wad it around the item, slap enough tape on it to hold up in a hurricane and call it good.

so the paper is bought. as are 4 rolls of tape. i haven’t yet hit on the trigger for manipulation. i may have to do it myself this year. rats.



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