l-o-l-a lola!

14 Dec

i have a customer named lola.  most of the time when i greet her, i sing l-0-l-a lola.  she likes it.  at least she’s never told me to SS (stop singing) like other people have.  anyway……

here’s l-0-l-a lola’s christmas quilt for her sister-in-law:

the pattern is a block of the month from the lqs (heirloom creations) by cleo.  not sure which year it was or what the name is.

you know how i usually have to rip out threads when i’ve chosen the wrong color.  yea me!  at the last minute i changed my mind (before stitching!) and this gold thread was perfect!

pretty quilting pattern right?  it’s called a rose is a rose by karen thompson.  i purchased it through intelligentquilting.com.  it was delightful to quilt.

doesn’t it create wonderful texture on the backing?  yes it does.

yep.  uh huh.

thanks l-0-l-a lola!


2 Responses to “l-o-l-a lola!”

  1. freda1951 December 14, 2009 at 9:38 am #

    Gorgeous quilt Kaye and love the quilting. Now I have the l-o-l-a lola ear worm in head!

  2. Becca December 14, 2009 at 6:54 pm #

    oooooh you do beautiful work. So does L-O-L-A-Lola Ü

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