it may look like

7 Dec

i didn’t do yesterday’s “journal my christmas” post. technically i suppose that is correct. it’s not ready. but i am working on it. the prompt was a bit of a sticker for me. i was to journal about 2 christmas memories, one happy, and one not so happy. i have both. it’s just taking me a bit to get it onto paper….er i mean the monitor. so for now we move on……

yesterday was a screaming success of day! i got some quilting done. i did some embroidery and i found my rhythm on the january postcard AND remember about 4 years ago (the last time i took the christmas tree down) i decided that the only way i was ever going to get new christmas stockings made was if i threw away the old ones? so i did. and i haven’t (made new ones yet). so every year i go shopping for regular sox to hang.

this was last year’s selection. so anyway, the SUPER success of yesterday was that i started making new stockings! yea me! no pictures yet as they are just pretty rough yet but yea me!

and oh what a wonderful concert carin and i attended. if you need to get yourself into the christmas mood or just spend some time with a huge smile on your face, attend a tonic sol-fa concert. such talent. thank you thank thank you to scottie and carin for the gift of the front row tickets!

dec 6


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