25 christmas things

5 Dec

1. tonic solfa TONIGHT with carin!

2. santa mugs and plates

3. cards-currently on the missing list. waiting for daylight to send out another search party

4. new jammies


6. the coat rack completely filled with christmas day guest’s coats

7. looking up the tree butt

8. fudge

9. a present? for me?

10. pitter patters of little pairs of feet coming down the stairs

11. christmas morning bed hair

12. christmas eve story hour

13. the greed game

14. tinsel

15. hanging stockings

16. filling stockings!

17. ribbons, wraps, and tags

18. hugs

19. cocoa and cookies for santa

20. home for the holidays movie (the first in my collection of movies about disfunctional families during the holidays)

21. new slippers!

22. shake rattle and rolling gifts to guess what’s inside. then opening it in secret and rewrapping.

23. lefse making-not the eating so much but the making is fun!

24. taking in all the outside christmas lights while relaxing in a limo with a bit of bubbly

25. jesus is born!

dec 5


One Response to “25 christmas things”

  1. sybil December 6, 2009 at 11:04 pm #

    2, 4, 13 & 20!

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