a quilt show

15 Nov

was on the agenda this weekend.  it was put on by the sioux falls quilt guild.  and it was really well done i thot.  the booklet was very nice.  many times i think the booklets are a waste of money.  it’s so expensive to put together a booklet so people take short cuts to help reduce the cost and thereby make the booklet useless.  this booklet had good information regarding the show activities, vendor locations, raffle opportunities etc. as well as having the information regarding the quilts themselves organized thoughtfully and dare i say logically?  yes, i know, you’re thinking according to WHO’S logic.  yeah, mine so maybe the rest of the attendees weren’t so impressed, but i was.  i didn’t take a ton of pix but here are the few i snapped.


this was “indigo baskets” by joyce dunn.  these fabrics are imported from south africa and are termed “grandmother’s wash goods”  they are copper roll printed with indigo dye in patterns from the 1850’s.  i know all this because i quilted it for joyce.  very unique fabrics.


exquisite background quilting on this one.  i think i know the quilter but now i’m second guessing myself so i’ll not say.  really really beautiful job.


do not adjust your color.  this is truly that faded.  this quilt was made from worn dress shirts of the maker’s husband and father.  hand quilted and really spoke to me.   really really like this one.  really.


have you ever seen a happier fish?  as we walked away from this quilt we all made fishy lips.  ok, i was the only one doing it but you could tell they wanted to.  or not.


so this is a table runner.  and it is only 16″ wide so you can imagine how teeny tiny those GFG blocks are.  very kewl.

and that’s a wrap folks.  was a good show.  i love a good quilt show.  oh yeah, a little retail shopping was involved too:


deconstructed screen printing.  very kewl stuff that janet myers of flandreau is doing.  way kewl.


a fun felted wool purse with a string of balls for a handle.  how fun is that?


a little kit for an alphabet quilt and a charm pack.


not too much damage.  in fact, i’d say just the right amount!

2 Responses to “a quilt show”

  1. sybil November 16, 2009 at 2:07 pm #

    Love the deconstructed screen printing….makes me want to do fabric dying with native plants. So many things on my ‘want to do’ list……not near enough time to get them all done!

    Does Janet do classes on the deconstructed screen printing? Or have any books/articles to suggest?

  2. Becca November 16, 2009 at 9:44 pm #

    Damage? i see no damage.Ü. I see awesome pictures though.

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