library day

24 Sep

since i finished my book, and 2 books on cd this week, we are taking a walk to the library today.

the book i just finished is:  outcasts united by warren st. john.

it’s hard to really pin down what the book is about.  on the surface, it’s about a soccer team that is made up of young boy-refugees-from a wide range of countries that after years and years of horrifying living conditions finally made it to america, that land of milk and honey and streets paved in gold.  that doesn’t really sound like “surface” reading does it.  and yet the book was not just heavy reading.  and it was not just about the boys themselves.  it tells how a small town in georgia both adjusted and failed to adjust to the resettlement of hundreds of refugees…sometimes 700 at a time.  it’s about relationships, growth, success, disappointment and forgiveness.


good book.  i recommend it.


one of the books on tape i finished recently was the poisonwood bible by barbara kingsolver.  good book but not an easy one to listen to.  maybe it just wasn’t the right time for me.  i thot the audio was very well done.  and there were bits of amusement here and there.  i really don’t know why this didn’t pull me into it like some books do.  i never felt the need to drive around aimlessly simply to listen to another chapter.  like i said, good book, it might just have been the wrong time for me.    the gist of the story is a missionary drags his family (wife and girls) to africa and stays when everyone is recommended to leave due to the unrest in the country.

another book on cd i finished was “the shape of mercy” by susan meissner.  that was a fiction book that tugged at me.  it was about a young college aged girl that transcribes an authentic 300 year old diary written by a woman that was accused and convicted of being a witch during the salem witch trials.  also recommend this one.


so there you have it.  a few picks and one pan (kinda.  not really but not really a pick either.  geez kay, get an opinion will ya?!?)

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