jan loves me!

14 Mar

she gave me this lovely blog award. how nice.

so i’m now supposed to reveal to the whole world 5 addictions that i have.

1.  i’m real aware of time.  i think it is arrogant and rude when people are habitually late.  i don’t mind waiting, but i don’t like being disrespected.  when i wake during the night, i have to know what time it is.  i like (read ocd) starting things on the quarter hour.

2.  bubble baths. 1-3 a day as needed.

3.  family.

4.  fudge.  the making of it.  eating is good too.  i WILL be the next fudge queen

5.  enjoyment (this is just broad enough to encompass quilting, reading, sitting, hugging, laughing, chatting, picturing, loving, …….)  the heck with the dishes and laundry and bills.  i’m all about enjoying.

now, did anyone notice i did NOT put coke on there?  i’m down to 1-2 per week!  that’s huge!  used to be 1-2 every couple hours!

and now i’m to pass the award onto 5 blogs.  which is hard for me to do because i don’t read any blogs that i don’t like.  i’m funny that way.  i don’t want to repeat award any blogs because well can you imagine the big head they’d get?  nothing worse than a big headed blog.  and i don’t want to leave anyone out because well, that stinks too.  and i just recently cleaned up my blog and removed the blog lists so i can’t just refer you there.  what a dilemer.

ok…..IF you have a blog, i invite you to post it in a comment so in case i’m not yet reading it, i can start.  really.  the laundry can wait.

man-laundry or not.

and omgosh, the clock just dinged so it’s quarter of the hour so i need to hit publish QUICK!


One Response to “jan loves me!”

  1. Jan March 14, 2009 at 4:45 pm #

    Go Kay!! That coke addiction is a hard one to kick!!! Wait a minute…. we all know Kay is talking about the drink… right 😉

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