and we’re right back at crack

19 Jan

so i’m not naming this post yet (well, it will have a name by the time you see it) because i don’t know what i’m going to blab about. rubbish i’m sure.

my gratitude for today is steaming hot jeans fresh from the dryer. just watch out for the zipper-that’s really hot. and be SURE you don’t zip one of the girls into it (whether hot or not).

i HAVE to get some new jeans. mine are in really bad shape. i don’t even have one pair that i love. i finally chucked out 2 pair because of home-made airconditioning. i have 2 remaining pair that already have that airconditioning or threaten to have it every time i wear them. a while back i bought a new pair. i don’t like to try stuff on. i just wanna put it in my cart and pretend i’m going to look like cindy crawford in it. the size was fine on these jeans (i was guessing. i TRIED to check the size of the pair i was wearing without taking them off in the aisle but was unsuccessful. i’m sure i looked like a dog chasing his tail but….oh well) however….i managed to grab a style that has the low waistband. crap. i call them my crack jeans. ‘nuf said on that. i have another pair that fit great when i got them but have shunk in the length a bit more than i’d like. since i’ve lost a few pounds i can pull them down a bit on my hips to ease that problem but then we’re back to crack. sigh.

so anyway..yeah jeans hot out of the dryer. it’s a good thing martha.

i made a commitment to myself (note i did NOT say i committed myself) to quilt one of my own things each month. i did it in january. i don’t have the binding on yet. i’ve been drooling over the bling-bling that ADAM has been adding to his recent quilt. i love sparkle. but i tend to think bling on a quilt either looks good or it looks contrived. ok. i’ll get the binding on, give it a wash and dry and try think about (see i’m already backing out. gads. i’m such a chicken liver) some bling and let you tell me what you think. don’t anyone hold their breath though as it’s not gonna happen today.

ok, time to put on some socks-unfortunately they are not fresh out of the dryer- and hit the road.

happy monday. i love mondays. it’s a new start. a brand new to do list. what are you going to do with today?


2 Responses to “and we’re right back at crack”

  1. Jan January 19, 2009 at 8:15 am #

    Thanks for the morning smile!!! 😀 I love sheets right out of the dryer. Clean warm sheets!!! 😀 It’s the little things isn’t it…. I never try clothes on in stores either…. I return them if they don’t fit… trying on clothes with little kids is just a whole new adventure isn’t it…

  2. grapegrower January 19, 2009 at 4:59 pm #

    what am i going to do today?
    hhhmmmmm…let me think.
    maybe i will hit the beach for a few hours, have a swim, come home for a bit of quiet lunch, watch some cricket on tv, bbq dinner with a glass of the good stuff, read a bit then hit the sack.
    “life gets tedious, don’t it?”

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