the perfect day

21 Dec

yes, we’re snowed in and yes, it’s colder than a…..IDK what but it’s really cold. but it worked yesterday.

i was supposed to be getting a haircut but hesitated to drive 40 miles in the blizzard to do that. i compromised by going 8 miles to the grocery store with scott. decided if i ever sucked my breath in during that drive i would NOT go get my haircut. i did NOT get my hair cut.  i’m still shaggy.  oh well.

i got the fixin’s to make some more fudge. i have collected several recipes i want to try. i don’t usually do much christmas baking since christmas is usually at my house, i let everyone else bring a plate of goodies. this year we are going to chumbley’s home so i’m bringing a plate of fudges. we’ve already eaten through 2 batches…(one recipe will be remade it was so yummy). today i will make a couple batches and package them before we can eat them!

i had a date with my sewing machine. i’m actually hoping to get this quilted but just in case that NEVER happens, i’ll show it to you in it’s topper state:

quilt1 it’s not very big. the blocks are 4.5″. while not a miniature, it’s still pretty small piecing for me. i played around with my needle position and think i am getting a fairly consistent 1/4″ seam. the brown looks solid here but it really is not. it has little pink dots on it. as i was piecing it, i was second guessing myself, but now that it’s finished, i’m liking it. and yeah, i’m kinda in a pink and brown phase!

quilt-2 here’s the close up. the background of the little cake stands are different shirtings that my friend karen gave me a while back. i’ve been saving them for just the right project. as i said, this is a bit of a challenge for me as i’m not a perfect piecer. i have some points that float and some that are cut off. look at the lower left cake stand….the 2nd point has a space that shouldn’t be there. as i worked through the blocks, i got better.

crap i like to keep my tools handy. i usually hang this off the thing that holds my iron. it stopped spraying. guess it got a little close to the hot iron. crap.

scott was a prince among men yesterday. he knocked off 3 things on the honey do list. changed a lightbulb….okay i know that sounds like something i should be able to do myself. HOWEVER, our ceilings are tall…like 9 foot or something, i don’t like heights and it’s just better to keep me off a ladder. and the sprayer thing was cracked in the tub, so he got that little ditty fixed up. but by far the best thing was this:

light-11 light-2

this light fixture was my grama lola’s. i remember it hanging in her dining room at the farm house. when she moved to an apartment in town, she took it with her to hang in her new digs. maybe it was a way to help adjust to the new place. sort of having a little piece of the old place in the new place. this is milk glass. i think it is the hobnail design. obviously i don’t know much about it. but i like it. i like it alot.


4 Responses to “the perfect day”

  1. Jan December 21, 2008 at 1:04 pm #

    Kay!! That light fixture is gorgeous!!!! How wonderful for you!!!!

    i’m just thrilled. i think i’ve turned it on 17 times today….just to see how it looks at a different time of day! scott of course thinks i’m nuts.

  2. sybil December 21, 2008 at 4:41 pm #

    what room did you hang it in? Is that the living room?

    Glad you’re snowed in. A forced ‘down’ day. I’m sure you need it.

    it’s in the dining room. a few weeks ago, scott replaced the livingroom fan/light. now to tackle the kitchen lighting. ugh.

  3. freda1951 December 21, 2008 at 4:54 pm #

    I love the light fixture Kay. I took a trip down memory lane myself today and enjoyed it greatly. Love the topper too.

    thanks freda. i enjoyed your trip too!

  4. Kelly December 22, 2008 at 8:19 am #

    Now, I remember the light fixture. I had to see it to visualize it. Remember, I’m younger than you are!!!

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