let there be light

24 Nov

so yeah, sometimes it’s good to be in the dark. i’m a firm believer in sticking my head in the sand occasionally. nothing wrong with sweeping any and all unpleasantness under the rug. i think it’s my norwegian stock. or maybe it’s the german. perhaps the irish? did i mention i’m a mutt? did i mention that i have lots of lumpy rugs in my “house”? just watch your step, you’ll be fine.

BUT! sometimes light is good. and no light is annoying. the light fixture in my livingroom (you know, the room you spend the most time in) spazed out. about a year ago. maybe longer. at first it would work sometimes. then it would sometimes stop working in the middle of working. then it stopped working completely. mr. fixit fixed it but then it didn’t work again. must have had a bad batch of baling twine! i can’t blame it totally on the mr. though, as i tend toward procrastination myself (what?!?! i know you’re surprised at that revelation!)

not exactly sure how this happened but this is my theory. i’m having a friendly conversation, discussion, debate, infomercial, i was giving a blow by blow of the current honey do list….fine, call it nagging if you must. anyhoo, i believe mr. fixit realized that if he replaced the light fixture in the living room, that would mean he could spend a good portion of the afternoon watching football (i despise televised football. it wouldn’t be so bad if there wasn’t all that talking but…) so off we dash to the land of everything mr. fixit needs and we pick us up a light fixture.

4 hours later, we have light. in between times, we had some colorful words tossed about. the most colorful ones came with the realization that the glass was broken. but we’re not going to dwell on that! replacement part will be ordered today.

look at this glorious light!


i can read, i can stitch, i can knit AND purl. all with the pull of a switch. and look! he even lengthen the pull chain for us shorties!

i hate to do it, but i’ll turn off the light so you can actually see the fixture.

light1 this is the light’s “good” side.

light2 see that tulip shaped hole where you can see the energy efficient curly bulbs? yeah, that’s not supposed to be there.

i repeat, let there be light.


4 Responses to “let there be light”

  1. freda1951 November 24, 2008 at 8:14 am #

    Love the light fixture Kay and my luck is if there is one bad thing in the store I buy it.

    or in my case, we break it during installation!

  2. Jan November 24, 2008 at 8:23 am #

    Oh that is pretty!! Can you get someone to put the new glass on while mr. fix it is gone?! LOL

    yep! me! on account that i eagle eyed him while he was doing it so now i’m all smartened up!

  3. Diana Wilson November 24, 2008 at 10:08 am #

    I like your fan and light. We have those in most rooms (as we don’t have central AC.) Last one we bought had a broken light cover too. Made me mad and I, of course wanted to indignantly go to the store and demand a replacement. Mark got a new one but most likely bought it. He just doesn’t thrive on confrontation like I do. To each his own!

    you? thrive on confrontation? šŸ™‚

  4. sammi November 24, 2008 at 1:33 pm #

    Ooh . that’s really pretty ! And puts out three times as much light as mine do … I get to have 40W bulbs …. and nothing else will fit. Now I’m not “cheap”, but dread the thought of having to replace EVERY darned light in my house. AGHHHHHHHH

    this has 3 40W’ers. seems to take a minute to warm them up to full brightness but otherwise, yes it is nice and brite!

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