WIP wednesday

30 Oct

so suzanne from MQR is suggesting a WIP (works in progress) wednesday and even though it’s thursday, i’m playing along! tomorrow starts the pink and brown retreat. every fall the boys go hunting so karen and i go quilting. we decided over a year ago, to do a pink and brown retreat where we would both work on pink and brown quilts, we would wear pink and brown clothes and eat and drink pink and brown stuff (works perfectly with my chocolates and champagne diet!) so on new years day, we both started cutting out our pink and brown quilts (they are different btw) karen of course finished hers in a timely manner. i got my pinks and browns cut out but didn’t get to the creams. fast forward 11 months (nearly) and the retreat starts in a few hours and my creams are still fat quarters. i decided on tuesday nite that i better get it done. danged if i was able to locate the destructions. yes, i looked high AND low and could not come up with them. i looked on line as it was a free pattern that was distributed with a fabric line. no luck. in desperation i email the pattern designer and beg for her mercy. after sending the email i give the search one more shot and found it online. i shoot off another email to the designer saying “nevermind”. i have to say that she emailed right back and said she was just ready to send off the instructions to me and gave me some helpful hints too. the designer is cate tallman-evans. i love it when people are nice! so anyway, here i am down to the wire but getting it cut out. please don’t tell karen about this because she has been ragging on me for months to get this ready.

here’s a close up of my fabrics. aren’t they yummy? the pattern is called “in the pink” the fabrics were designed by “the buggy barn” girls.

and yes, here we are with another WIP. my prayer shawl. it is coming along pretty well (after a bad start). i’m loving the stripes (please know that i am doing NOTHING to make that happen-it’s just yarn magic!) and zero cuss words have been uttered while knitting and purling! yea me! MARY suggested blowing off the purling next time so there is less to keep track of. good idea! and i may give it a try (assuming i do indeed finish this one)


2 Responses to “WIP wednesday”

  1. AllenQuilts October 30, 2008 at 9:46 pm #

    The shawl looks great! Love that yarn. Like those fabrics, too.

  2. Mary November 6, 2008 at 11:45 pm #

    I love that fabric line – I made a quilt last year from it for my DIL’s birthday and just hated giving it away.

    I’m still working on my prayer shawl too – I started picking it up at least 15 minutes a day but then forgot…I’ve got to get back to it – surely I should be able to do 15 minutes a day??

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