karen & kay club

25 Oct

a week or so ago, was karen and k club day. it’s a private club. just 2 members but i can’t tell you who they are on account that it’s top secret. we try to get together to sew at least once a month, sometimes twice. we held the last meeting at an undisclosed location because the clubhouse was a mess and i didn’t wanna clean it.

this is one of the members. she looks kinda fierce here but she’s really a pussycat. she’ll probably look fierce again when she sees i put this picture on my blog. the point is, look at her fabrulous quilting table. i want it.

she’s working on a lovely batik quilt. she got a lot done. i think she finished like 4 projects.  although one of the finished projects she counted was a stack of blocks she gave to me because she didn’t want them.  i did and do and will show them to you later.  let me just say, i’m a lucky dog.

i worked on dishtowels… and idea i found on one of the many quilty blogs that i read, CRAZYMOMQUILTS
and since i knew i had some of that waffle fabric somewhere in my stash, i figured, what the hey, make dish cloths! this is a perfect opportunity for me to find a machine binding method that i can practice and get good at. i cut the waffle weave fabric about 15×20 inches

so, i tried several methods and was unsatisfied with the results. the first change i made was to round the corners. the remaining challenge with that is that i didn’t have bias binding made, but the round was a gentle one and i just made it work. bias binding would have been a good idea. so eliminate the mitered corners. not something i’m willing to do on all the quilts that i want to get done, but for dishtowels, it’s fine. the process i ended up with was to stitch the binding to the back of the quilt. press it really nicely to the front, and then using a zig zag stitch and varigated thread, stitch in the ditch on the front. the key for me was the pressing. you could also use some glue to hold it in place if you wanted but i didn’t. it looks like this only with the binding pressed over (this photo was one of the rejected methods…..) everytime i made one that i wasn’t satisfied with, i said oops, another dish towels for me. the problem is that i ended up with 7 or 8 dish towels for me and only a few that i felt were good enough to give away. dang. the good news is that i cut the binding off those dish towels and now can apply new binding to them and hopefully they will be good enough to give away.

so here’s a few pictures of the rejects.

and here is pix of the acceptable ones:

i was also allowed unprecedented access to the “hoot room”. this is a room that is kept under lock and key. but i gave my word i wouldn’t publish the pix without permission, which i haven’t fanagled out of her…..yet.

so until next time…..which is next weekend (pink and brown retreat)

i want that cup holder (and the rest of the table)


2 Responses to “karen & kay club”

  1. Snort October 27, 2008 at 3:04 pm #

    I do believe you will not be allowed to bring a camera to the pink and brown retreat. After seeing that photo, I just might have to rethink purchasing you a quilt table like mine with my million dollar lottery winnings. Guess I won’t have to buy that ticket now.

  2. kayp October 28, 2008 at 1:04 pm #

    don’t worry folks, she still loves me!

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