24 Aug

i feel like a little social butterfly.  my dance card is full!

scott’s brother from colorado is here so we are having a BBQ and v-ball this afternoon and evening for some extended family.  simple menu but one needs the time to pull it together.  scott will grill pork loin and i’ll do the sides.  should be fun.

next friday kris and neil arrive from australia.  saturday is veg out day but sunday the rellies are descending to get their own hugs and smoochies from kris and neil.  again we’ll BBQ.  kris planned this one, and everyone is bringing something so i just have to check to see what my responsibility was….i think it was cutlery,plates and napkins, maybe a salad.  no biggie.

the following weekend, carin and scottie are having kaiden baptized.  isn’t the announcement beautiful?  carin took the snap of kaiden.  after the service, we are having a picnic and v-ball (do you notice a v-ball theme here?).  menu is chicken salad croissants, veggie salad, fruit salad, cake,  and probably some misc. stuff i’ve forgotten right now.

the following weekend i am way over booked.  that is when we’ve planned the rummage.  i am going to have to bail on that which disappoints me.  i just can’t get it all together.  it’s also a shower and bachelorette party (2 separate events) for E.  besides attending, i need to get her gift quilted.  and i’m stumped for a quick but funky quilting plan.  any ideas?  anyone?  seriously…..here’s a pic of the top, drop me a line with your quilting ideas if you have any!

obviously in this shot, the blocks were not sewn together yet but this gives you a good idea.  i’m open to any fun appropriate overalls, as well as custom as long as it’s relatively ruler free and fast!

the following weekend is E’s wedding.  sometime between now and then, i have 1000 cream cheese mints to make.

the weekend after that, we will wrap up kris’s visit with a weekend quilting retreat.  i have no idea what i’ll take to work on…..i have several things to chose from!

and that just kicks september in the patootie.  in between weekends, i’ll nana care 5 days, do laundry, slap together some meals and come tomorrow, i HAVE to start working in some customer quilting.

oh yeah, and the reason for the v-ball theme?  scott put in a sand v-ball court.  he really is just a large child.

more on how that came about another time.

what does YOUR september look like?


4 Responses to “whatchoogotgoingon?”

  1. Jan August 24, 2008 at 7:44 am #

    I think I am just tired reading that schedule. The volley ball court looks like tons of fun!! Enjoy every moment!!!!!

  2. grapegrower August 24, 2008 at 7:48 am #

    my september looks like sitting on planes and in airports for 23 hours getting to the mid west of the usa, partaking in family get togethers, catching up with friends, attending a baptism and a wedding, drinking lots of mgd’s and the odd bottle of wine, eating out at perkins, culvers, tgif, chillis, applebees, that funky diner in sioux falls and as many mexican restuarants as possible, drinking lots of coffee at caribou, learning to drive on the wrong side of the road again, visiting yellowstone np, fargo (ja sure ya betcha), bismarck, billings, hudson, buying clothes at cabelas, have a flutter at flandreau casino and mourning the closure of the dutch donut shop in dell rapids.
    then it will be sitting on planes and in airports for 23 hours getting home again.
    so my dance card is pretty full too!

  3. AllenQuilts August 24, 2008 at 9:26 am #

    Wow, I’m worn out just reading it. I love that quilt. You could do a funky flower in each one…maybe even spiral…and a groovy allover like Terri & Michelle’s Star Swirl would be awesome, also. Or that panto called Hurricane…Is that Kristin H’s? Or just freehand spiky, swirlies all over. I love the new pics of Aiden you posted in a prior post. What a cutie bug!

  4. freda1951 August 24, 2008 at 10:10 am #

    Gosh, Kay, I’m sure tired now after reading your post. My September is very laid back compared to yours. The vball looks like lots of fun. I hope you can enjoy some too instead of just working. I think freehand swirls would look great on the quilt.

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